Cliffs in clouds
"Jesus came to be the always-near-companion of every living moment."
God With Us
No nearer than WITHIN!
#1 Amazing God, Ever New
We are ever in danger of abandoning Christ Himself for our idea of Him. So let's leave the familiar behind and meet the surprising Immanuel, God with Us!
The Whole World in His Hands
"All creation is defined and revealed by the name God gave."
What's in a Name?
Names matter!
#1 What is in a Name?
Our Creator oversees every name, including His own. Names identify, explain, and serve to distinguish one from another. What do God's names reveal to us about Him - from Him?
Eye of meeting Adonai
"Power in public rises from the cross in private."
Meeting Adonai: Beloved Owner
Worshipping My Adonai!
#1 A New Intimacy with God
God moves radically toward and through us when we see and receive Him as Adonai. Meeting Adonai, Owner and Master, changes everything.
discovering my god
"When God is your protection, nothing – no one and no power – can really defeat or even affect you."
Discovering My God
Discovering God Anew!
#1 Personal Relationship
Abram met God as He truly is through the choices he made in difficult situations. We will discover God in the same personal way!
who are you god
"Our Lord came for the ultimate purpose of revealing His Father—misunderstood, considered remote, and reduced to our idea of Him."
Who Are You God?
Get to know God!
#1 Unknowable Creator, Known
The promises of Psalm 91 are given to those who know God and love Him. He wants to be known, so have you met God as He truly is?
Under His Wings
"Though my body walks in very common paths, my spirit and soul live in God, and He is a real home."
Under His Wings
Immunity is ours!
#1 A Place for Me
Psalm 91 has amazing promises of provision and safety – and the requirements for accessing these blessings in full. Come under His wings today!
Pursued by Love Slider
"Hosea is the wringing picture God paints of human betrayal and His great agony over it, neither of which we comprehend."
Pursued by Love
Let Love Win!
#1 Humiliation
Love is a force that is not stoppable or predictable. Love is unquenchable. The only thing you can do to Love is…miss it.
the walk in the power of obedience
"True power, which engages God’s power on our behalf, is given to the obedient. Only."
walking in the power of obedience
Obey and Live!
#1 True Power
Obedience is not just a reflexive performance of God’s will. It is richer than we know, and its power is known by too few. Would you be one of them?
Sun rises over Earth
"All things fall into order when we are seeking the King for His will about His kingdom."
Kingdom Safety
Seek first the kingdom!
Kingdom Safety
Live securely with daily disasters and a looming economic collapse! Martha clearly demonstrates that the Kingdom is the only unshakable in the midst of the collapsible.