Devotionals for April 2018

#9 Given What They Chose: Babylon

So Babylon was allowed to absorb Israel into its worldly values and heathen culture. AND to its gods. That is always the intent of the ‘world system,’ to take you to the foot of its false god. God’s people were … Continue reading

#8 The Capture of Israel and Loss of Identity

Israel refused to belong to God and began to belong to the world, which is to say, God’s enemy. If you choose to mix with and live by the world, you will have its characteristic, its mindset…and its god. Israel … Continue reading

#7 Identity is Everything and We Must Know It

Israel did not treasure her IDENTITY as a people belonging to Jehovah. The people and the leaders mixed with heathens, adopted their gods, and above all, failed to heed the voice of God. Identity is everything. It’s how you perceive … Continue reading

#6 Our Identity is Found in God

Israel was to live in vital relationship with God, from which they derived their very existence. our Identity is found in God Your identity is not who you are in yourself. Who you belong to identifies your being and is who … Continue reading

#5 Nebuchadnezzar at God’s Hand

The Most High sent Israel and Judah into captivity to rescue His people from their sin and idolatry, to restore them to Himself. They were there in Babylon at God’s hand, not the capture of an invading king. Their capture … Continue reading

#4 The Almighty Reigns in the Government of God

(Reading Daniel 1:1-6 NASB) Babylon’s king ordered that the best young men of Israel to be trained to serve in the king’s court including some of “the royal family and of the nobles.” They were chosen as “youth in whom was … Continue reading

#3 Daniel’s Government Was Out of Heaven

Daniel’s ruling government was out of Heaven, and he was not subject to the heathen government of a foreign tyrant. It appears that Babylon’s kings could only honor and reward him. Daniel 2:46 ESV Then King Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his … Continue reading

#2 Living Above the Fray in Heaven’s Rule

Daniel endured always above the fray. So he held and wielded enormous power on the earth. He lived in the view of God as Ruler: absolute, unchallenged. And because Daniel believed it, he brought Heaven’s Rule into the earthly government … Continue reading

#1 The Rule of Heaven is a Different Government

Daniel lived in a different government than the one he served. His Government ruled utterly the government under which he was imprisoned. For Daniel, ‘it is Heaven that rules’ (Daniel 4:26). This he believed without waver or doubt. The rule of … Continue reading

God’s Love is Unquestionable

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son… John 3:16 His love is unquestionable —  its power unconquerable, its impact unmistakable, its meaning undeniable, its mystery unexplainable. Its sacrifice incomparable, its price unimaginable, its depth immeasurable, … Continue reading

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