Devotionals for August 2018

#14 Abandoning Obedience

Knowledge was Eve’s way of abandoning obedience.

#13 To Appear Obedient, Yet Not Be

Knowledge is the way to appear obedient…yet not be. If I KNOW, doesn’t it mean that I know HIM?

#12 Incentive of Obedience

The incentive of obedience – the ONLY incentive – is love.

#11 Obedience is a Mystery

Apart from true relationship with the Lord Jesus, obedience is a mystery…unsolvable.

#10 Obedience is Not about Right and Wrong

Obedience is not the keeping of a written code. Obedience is not about doing right and not doing wrong. Obedience is a relationship to the Person who is God.

#9 Valuable Lessons in Obedience

If the awfulness of life doesn’t teach me to obey, then I have learned nothing. Though I might accumulate volumes of religious truths, only lessons in obedience have value, for now and…eternity.

#8 Education in Obedience

All of life is an education in obedience, or else life is meaningless.

#7 Under the Wings of the Most High

Obedience places you under God —”under the wings of the Most High.” And only obedience does this.

#6 Obedience Is Heard, Not Assumed

Ultimate obedience is heard, not assumed. Obedience is personal direction from the Lord – not our idea of the “generally good.”

#5 The Only Place of Safety for Us

Obedience is the only place of safety in this world. It is a place! And no one can take me there but…me! Psalm 27:5 NASB For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle; In the … Continue reading

#4 The Way to Bring the Kingdom

Obedience is the only way I can bring the Kingdom into the world by my little life. Not by ministries, not effort, not projects, and not causes—only obedience.

#3 Power is Given to the Obedient

The world says, “Knowledge is power.” But God says, “Obedience is power.” True power, which engages God’s power on our behalf, is given to the obedient. Only.

#2 Am I an Obstacle or a Gateway?

I am either an obstacle against God or a gateway to Him.

#1 True Power Lies in Obedience to God

The world thinks that knowledge is power, money is power, might is power. But true power lies in obedience to God, because the only real might is power with God. Psalm 62:11 ESV Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that … Continue reading

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