Devotionals for February 2021

#37 The Stone That Filled the Earth

Daniel saw the dream and its four empires, descending down into the cruel tyranny of Rome in Jesus’ day. The Son of God didn’t fight Rome or inspire an uprising. It seems He ignored Roman rule. In His living of … Continue reading

#36 The Fate of the Angel of Light

Daniel (by God’s revelation) revealed the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. A single statue “large and of extraordinary splendor, was standing in front of you, and its appearance was awesome” (reading Daniel 2:31-33 NASB). This one statue was the symbol of Satan’s … Continue reading

#35 God in Heaven is Sovereign over All

Daniel is a picture of the life of the believer in the last days – a symbol of the times and circumstances that occurred then and that will occur again many centuries later, even now unfolding. There is a God … Continue reading

#34 To Be Eligible for Heavenly Access

When God finds a willing servant who will be taken to the heavens, He must work in patient pursuit of that one to sever all ties, ALL roots in the world system. The three roots: People, Possessions, Position. For such … Continue reading

#33 Ready to Be an Instrument of Heaven?

God had deigned to speak to a godless monarch in gracious prophecy through His servant. Do we get it? The message was not only for Daniel’s life to be spared! It was actually for the sake of this mad king. … Continue reading

#32 Just How Great IS God’s Rule?

God wants to prove Himself in every crisis. When our only hope is to depend on God, seek Him, ask Him, the result will be to know He IS God! The whole of life is finding out how much power … Continue reading

#31 Mystery Was Revealed to Daniel

The “mystery was revealed to Daniel in a night vision.” And praise burst from him, the worship of discovery. The discovery not of secrets but of God Himself! Out of his crisis, Daniel didn’t worship because of the answer that … Continue reading

#30 Provoking Our Desire to Live

To desire is to believe. When the desire to live dies, then prayer dies. Crisis and tyranny will kill the heart to survive. God often provokes our desire to live so that He might reveal Himself and SAVE. He sometimes … Continue reading

#29 When Evil Rules, the Church Rises

When evil rules, the Church rises. God’s intended goal of crisis is our utter dependence on Him, that He might show Himself strong on behalf of those whose “heart is completely His” (2 Chron. 16:9). The heart that belongs to Him … Continue reading

#28 Faithful in Small Things First

Daniel was divinely gifted in understanding visions and dreams (Dan. 1:17). He was prepared beforehand for his life crisis. Life is step by step, this one day by one day. It is essential to live in the little places, to … Continue reading

#27 Celebrating Individuality in the Body of Christ

The purpose of the Body of Christ is NOT for common conformity, sameness, and rigid definitions of the living parts. The Body is meant to be diverse, as Paul – by the Spirit – writes in 1 Corinthians 12. Believers together … Continue reading

#26 The First Crisis of Daniel is Ours, Too

Daniel determined in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king’s rich and dainty food or by drinking the wine… Reading Daniel 1:5-19 AMPC Daniel’s Crisis Daniel came to his first crisis – the test of Babylonian … Continue reading

#25 Through Faith They Conquered

The explanation of Daniel is not his strength, his courage, his wisdom, or his skill. He was not exceptional or unique. The explanation of the man and his story is given to us in the New Testament: …who through faith … Continue reading

#24 The Absolute YES Comes with NO

Daniel’s process of surrender is hidden from us in the scriptures. You must find it in your own process. In spite of – no, THROUGH – his suffering, Daniel was reconciled to God as GOD, giving to the Most High … Continue reading

#23 The Just Shall Live by Faith

The one explanation for Daniel’s character, victory, and revelation is this sole issue, this one core principle: Daniel lived by faith. “The just shall LIVE by faith.” Romans 1:17 KJV Faith is the solution to every problem, the means to … Continue reading

#22 Daniel is an End Times Book

Daniel is an End Times book. It is a brilliant guidebook for those of us who live in these last days. And the secrets of God in Daniel, the divine wisdom that God gave him, were promised to be opened … Continue reading

#21 Called to Be Alone With God

The coming days will test our every tenet, expose our unbelief, and reduce us to God alone. Our faith will be secure only in the Person of Christ…and that is a solitary following Him. Alone with God From The Sword … Continue reading

#20 Daniel Looked to God Alone

Daniel stands for this: that no one could change his ‘name.’ Daniel remained who he was in a place that opposed who he was, would change him into what he was not. Neither praise nor attack moved Daniel. God is … Continue reading

#19 Identity is Crucial to Live for God

Daniel he called Belteshazzar… But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself… Daniel 1:7, 8 ESV If the enemy can superimpose a ‘name’ on you, you have left “God is my judge.” And you have become who you are … Continue reading

#18 Daniel: God Is My Judge

Daniel’s name means God is my judge. The issue of your ‘name’ is the concept of your essential being by which you live. God has His own name for us all. And to live out of your in-God-identity, you must … Continue reading

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