Devotionals for March 2021

#68 They Would Not Bow to the Tyrant

The king was in a “furious rage.” That is the nature of the enemy when we refuse to worship the tyrant! Nebuchadnezzar summoned the three young Jewish men to the throne, astonished that they would not bow to the golden … Continue reading

#67 Being Made Ready for the Furnace of Fire

You will have your furnace of fire. The ‘spirit of this world’ will accuse you and demand your worship at the cost of your life. That is very real and will be more evident in the coming days. God counts … Continue reading

#66 The Fiery Test of Love that Comes

The central premise, the basic core of a life-walk that follows Christ is this: if you save your life, you lose it. The cross comes to give you the choice of what you will live for. For whoever would save … Continue reading

#65 Find Your Place Like Daniel

Knowing God will help you find your place. All spirituality is this and this alone. Knowing God, looking to Him in every common, splendid or wrenching moment… To behold God is to find your place and your identity. This was Daniel’s secret. … Continue reading

#64 Everything Can Reveal Christ to Us

All of life is arranged to find its hidden treasure: Christ. See everything as containing and perhaps hiding HIM. Christ IS hidden. Search for Him and the promise is that you will find Him. When He becomes the goal and … Continue reading

#63 To Know God is to Behold Him

We live in an age that has ‘refused’ to know God ­– just as Israel did in Jeremiah’s time. We have endless knowledge about Him. We separate His traits from Him. We want God’s gifts but not His Person. We … Continue reading

#62 Israel Was Warned of Captivity

Israel refused to know their God…by seeking, by listening, by walking. Jeremiah reveals that this was their choice, their deliberate intention. Jeremiah warned of the captivity some 20 years before it happened. He grieved for what he saw coming. But … Continue reading

#61 Daniel is THE Relevant Figure for Last Days

Daniel’s day is now. He is not merely an Old Testament character, a story, a hero. He is the relevant figure for this very hour, for the last days. Not only will his visions and prophecies come to clearer revelation … Continue reading

#60 Faith in the One Source of All Need

In the New Testament meaning, faith is not mental assent. Faith is neither determination nor strength of will. This is the work… (service) that God asks of you: that you believe in the One Whom He has sent [that you … Continue reading

#59 We Are All Just Hungry Sheep

The ‘work of faith’ is the willingness to be reduced to dependence. It is a work of the heart to face the reality that I am not god and let GO! It is to look squarely at the truth that … Continue reading

#58 There is But One Work, Not Many

There is a work. Humanity was created for work in a garden. Work is joy and life. Work is a gift, but by the Fall, we made it a drudgery. Jesus calls for one work. It remains our part and … Continue reading

#57 Food Everlasting as a Gift from God

Jesus did not address the issue of the food with the people. He went to the real heart of the matter – the endless labor to produce it and the focus that work required, all the worry, attention, and priority … Continue reading

#56 Our Daily Bread is Spiritual, Too

When Jesus speaks of bread, He doesn’t refer to physical supply only. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Bread is practical – real food – but also spiritual. We need to be sustained constantly. We are keenly aware of … Continue reading

#55 The Work of Faith to Believe

Faith is two things: a work and a gift. First, the work of faith. Humanly, we will achieve rather than believe. We strive externally instead of working internally. We are people of the visible and we avoid the secret work. … Continue reading

#54 Do We Lack the Most Basic Faith?

“The just shall live by faith.” We cope by faith. We survive by faith. We see by faith. But the essential, most basic faith is the thing that is lacking in Christianity, even in sincere Christians. We live by faith … Continue reading

#53 Any Crisis is Solved by Faith

Any crisis is solved by faith. Every problem, every need is a problem that needs only faith. “The just shall LIVE by faith.” Daniel demonstrates this. For every crisis, Daniel went away to listen to the Most High. Daniel’s bread … Continue reading

#52 A Deep and Gnawing Hunger

When Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days, as the fast ended he became hungry. Very hungry. On the verge of starvation. Always when we are in hunger, need, or weakness the tempter comes. The temptation he brings is … Continue reading

#51 His Righteous One is Me and You

For yet a little while, And He who is coming will come. Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. Hebrews 10:37-38 NKJV Some 25 years ago, I was … Continue reading

#50 The Need in All Things is Faith

The just shall live by faith. To ‘live’ covers every aspect of experience, circumstance and need. The just shall survive by faith, know by faith, function by faith, decide by faith, and see by faith. In every situation, the answer … Continue reading

#49 Daniel Believed and THAT is Our Work

This morning I seem to have a few insights from the Lord out of my own walk. I was with my daughter and her family for a few days. I had long ago given her an old Bible with many … Continue reading

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