Devotionals for August 2021

#104 The Delight of Jesus Christ

There is only one in the universe who enjoys utter delight in God’s will. There is only one who knows the Father to such a depth that He rejoiced even at His own death: Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Then said … Continue reading

#103 A Story of Obedience, Part 6

The screaming woman went on to become the hungriest Christian in that church. She came to every meeting, even committee meetings, seeking God and seeking to know Him, with great hunger for His Word. She counted her healing from the … Continue reading

#102 A Story of Obedience, Part 5

Because you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and a glad heart, for the abundance of all things; therefore you shall serve your enemies whom the Lord will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, … Continue reading

#101 A Story of Obedience, Part 4

As I rode home at the end of the weekend, I sat staring out the window of the car. The wonderful prayer partners who had traveled with me were talking but I wasn’t listening. I looked down at my open … Continue reading

#100 A Story of Obedience, Part 3

As we continued with the Saturday and Sunday meetings, the pastor and I were partners in private sessions with those who were troubled. He began to warm to me and praise my walk with God. He was a dear man, … Continue reading

#99 A Story of Obedience, Part 2

The pastor of this church was a man with the gift of great mercy. All his heart went out to this poor woman. Yet as he spoke to his congregation, he seemed to blame me for provoking her breakdown. I … Continue reading

#98 A Story of Obedience, Part 1

Years ago I learned, in a very dramatic way, that my God wants me not only to do His will but to delight in it. I was teaching on prayer in a large church over the course of a weekend. … Continue reading

#97 I Love Thy Commands Above Solid Gold

Who of us can say this? …I love Thy commands above all things, above solid gold. Psalm 119:127 James Moffatt translation

#96 God’s Commands Are a Treasure

The Psalmist wrote of God’s will…but not as some grim obligation. God’s law, His word, and His commands were a delight, a treasure, and a joy to him. Your testimonies have I kept [hearing, receiving, loving and obeying them]; I … Continue reading

#95 God Treasures Our Obedience

God revealed to Abram His will. He gave him four imperatives: leave your country, leave your relatives, leave your father’s house, and go to a land I will show you (Genesis 12:1). Abram obeyed only in part. He left his … Continue reading

#94 Far-reaching Consequences

Abraham obeyed. And he disobeyed. His obedience brought blessing to all nations. His disobedience wreaked havoc on the entire history of man (Ishmael). God would have us see that there are far-reaching consequences to everything we do…or DON’T do. We … Continue reading

#93 God Is Involved with Us

The story of Abraham is a personal story, one man walking with God. It’s a very human story, revealing frail humanity and unveiling an intimate God, Who is involved! Utterly and constantly involved WITH us, and responding TO us—that’s our amazing … Continue reading

#92 God Responds to Obedience

It is staggering to realize that the Scripture clearly indicates that God responds to obedience and…to disobedience. God responds to us! What we choose and what we do evokes His heart—one way or the other. Our choices move God! Our decisions … Continue reading

#91 Solve Greed by Wanting God More

Abraham refused to take the rich spoil of war with heathen kings. Why? Not because it was wrong but because he’d made a promise: “I have lift up mine hand unto the Lord, the most High God, the possessor of … Continue reading

#90 The Reason for Obedience

The reason for obedience is Christ. The power of obedience is Christ. The reward of obedience is Christ!

#89 Discard Your Old Unrenewed Self

Following God, you first meet the true identity of your “old unrenewed self” and see him/her as God does. And you slowly come to agree with the Father’s assessment: hopeless. Nothing good there. Never will be. Only then will you, … Continue reading

#88 A Lovely Awakening of YOU

Obedience is a call to do what God likes instead of what I like, but in that severe call is His lovely awakening of YOU – the “you” that God dreamed and created. And when you collide with His idea … Continue reading

#87 Your Identity within Obedience

Obedience is the path to God but it is also the way to YOU—to your identity and your destiny.

#86 Radical Surrender, Spiritual Greatness

“I have been before God: and have given myself, all that I am and have to God, so that I am not in any respect my own. I can claim no right in myself, no right in this understanding, this … Continue reading

#85 The Hidden Springs of the Will

Obedience flows up into life from the hidden springs of the will. There is no other source of obedience. No sense of duty, or goodness, or desire is a valid motive for obedience. Only surrender to the will of the … Continue reading

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