Devotionals for September 2021

#121 And I Will Love Them

The second reward of the surrender of obedience came next. Those who accept My commandments and obey them, are the ones who love Me. And because they love Me, My Father will love them. And I will love them… John … Continue reading

#120 Four Rewards of Obedience

I discovered in my Bible the FOUR rewards for obedience, and it made me so desire to obey. The first is John 14:21 (NASB): He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he … Continue reading

#119 To Have God Means Obedience

I had no teacher in the beginning of my Love-walk with the Lord, only the Bible. But I instinctively knew that to have Him meant obedience. I believe that light is in everyone. So I agreed to obey in this … Continue reading

#118 A Surrender of Love

Here is a startling illustration of surrender. Abraham had his long-awaited gift of a son, born of promise and miracle, his one hope for the fulfillment of his fatherhood – descendants as countless as the stars! We can’t imagine his … Continue reading

#117 A Deeper Level of Obedience

Now I want to turn to a word that is under and behind obedience. Just for the sake of this writing, let’s say obedience is the bowing of the will to God. “I will obey Your will by the power … Continue reading

#116 Obedience is Alive in Love

Obedience is born of Love. Obedience is alive through being loved, in discovering that God knows and loves a small me. Simply put, obedience is love and love is obedience. Anything else is legalism and not obedience.

#115 The Basic Human Need

The basic human need is to love God. We were created so. But loving God as a colossal need-to-love? Of this we are ignorant. Selfish Adams that we are, we stew in our primal lust to BE loved.

#114 God Supplies Outlandish Love

God solves His own command and supplies the outlandish love He requires. To love Him is merely to let His limitless love consume you and ruin the altars of your “other loves” by His fierce jealousy of whatever you love … Continue reading

#113 No Part of You Exempt

The Holy One tells you how much to love Him, and to what reach of your being: heart, soul, strength, and mind (Luke 10:27). The Only God leaves no part of you exempt from loving Him. He demands every distant … Continue reading

#112 Destined to Conquer

In his book One with Christ, Hudson Taylor said: “The real secret of an unsatisfied life lies too often in an unsurrendered will.” Despite all the unworthy fears of our poor hearts, divine love is destined to conquer.

#111 A Maimed Life that Few Will Have

Oswald Chambers said: “It is a maimed life and few of us will have it; we prefer a full-orbed life of infinite satisfaction which makes us absolutely crass to what is happening in ‘Jerusalem.’”

#110 Desperate and Begging for Love

Humanity left love when the Garden Gate was slammed and has been desperate for it ever since, banging on any cardboard door, begging for love.

#109 Inexorably Bound Together

Love and obedience are inexorably bound, impossible to separate. You love because Love has found you. You obey because you love. Your love impels you to obey.

#108 First Call of Obedience

To a wrecked humanity in a ruined world, God’s very first call of obedience is to love Him. All other commandments follow and depend upon…the FIRST. Only after love does God give the holy orders of life to us, for … Continue reading

#107 Your Fullness Is Found Only in God

God’s will is your fullness. When Christ is satisfied, He fills your own cup with bliss. So…your satisfaction is found only in His!

#106 Our Source of Spiritual Nourishment

Jesus answered the disciples who asked if He was hungry: My nourishment comes from doing the will of God who sent Me and from finishing His work. John 4:34 NLT Spiritual hunger is really the desire to DO God’s will, … Continue reading

#105 Jesus’ Power of Obedience

The life of Jesus in all His delight is within me as I fit my will into the will of God. The Lord’s exuberant joy will possess me as I simply yield to God and allow His power of obedience … Continue reading

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