Article Series : Citizens of the Kingdom

citizens of the kingdom

1: The Kingdom Door

The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s reign and His realm.  The place of His absolute rule and the home of His boundless imagination.  He wishes us to enter the Kingdom and live by Kingdom joy and power. Thy kingdom come, … Continue reading

citizens of the kingdom

2: The Kingdom Possession

READING LUKE 18:1 – 19:10 The kingdom of heaven belongs to one type of person: one who has collapsed under human reality, who knows poverty of strength, ability, virtue.  An inner condition so destitute, so poor in possessing nothing within, … Continue reading

citizens of the kingdom

3: The Tax Collector

Jesus continued to draw a picture of both the beggar and the Giver.  The widow’s story was given to the disciples.  The next story was given directly to the proud. (Reading Luke 18:9-14) He also told this parable to some … Continue reading

citizens of the kingdom

4: The Infants

Proud humanity disdains weakness and hates poverty.  The fall of Adam and Eve was rebellion against their need of God, a preference for strength: for living on their own, without needing God and without accounting to God.  They succeeded only in creating outrageous need … Continue reading

citizens of the kingdom

5: Jesus’ Own Poverty

The Holy Spirit records in Luke 18 a splendid sequence, a many-sided picture of the Kingdom’s requirement: to be poor in spirit.  In this unfolding revelation, Jesus includes even Himself.  From glory unimagined, He stooped to enter humanity.  Not merely … Continue reading

citizens of the kingdom

6: Kingdom Position

The kingdom of God has a flawless order, an organization in the heavens, set in place by God Himself.  The kingdom of heaven is a literal government: unseen but operative, unknown but discernible.  Our Father has set up positions of … Continue reading

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