Article Series : Faith Is

Faith Is

1: Faith is a Law

Faith is a law…established by God for us. It is the gift of power given to humanity to possess and to produce. What you believe is what comes forth. It appears. Every person operates in a set of beliefs. Whether … Continue reading

Faith Is

2: Faith is in a Tree

The Trees of the Garden still stand, always before us, representing a choice so pivotal as to be – as they are so named – life or death. The Tree of Knowledge is a tree of thinking. We believe by thinking we … Continue reading

Faith Is

3: The Blessed Poor

I give my need to every flirting wind, but it fills this void with only empty air. I hand my desperation to charlatan or tramp, and watch them trample dirt upon its name. I give my need into my “self” … Continue reading

Faith Is

4: Faith is a Person

All of life is a search for a person, one who knows the very core of all my turmoiled being – of the lost and vivid parts of me, and even in that bare maze, loves me with reckless love. … Continue reading

5: Faith in Fear

Faith is rest and peace. Faith knows Who GOD is.  “I know WHOM I have believed” (2 Tim. 1:12).  Faith has its reverse… Unbelief is a hidden skepticism of the heart, but its enactment is fear. Fear is the outward symptom that … Continue reading

6: Faith is Past

Faith is only past. Faith is never future. All was completed in that glorious proclamation, the last breath of His torture, the final word of His ended life: “It is finished.” And immediately He died… His work of saving us from hell, … Continue reading

7: Faith in Death

After I embrace who He is in all His integrity, I have to receive who-I-am by His amazing description. He who cannot lie, He who knows all – both past and future – who knows the Real above the Evident, … Continue reading

8: New – All New

There was no hope for my reformation. Nothing on which to built restoration. My problem of me could only be solved by starting all over again…brand new. So I am not patched up and corrected. The cracked and leaking vessel … Continue reading

9: Faith is Obedience

Reading Hebrews 11:7, 8, 17 Faith is obedience. Simple. Not always easy but very, very simple. Noah heard God, and was “divinely warned of things not yet seen.” And he began to move on what he heard. No one else heard it. … Continue reading

10: Living Faith

ALL ABOUT FAITH Faith is the central issue of life, the only issue. This material realm is ruled by faith not happenstance. Not by humankind. Not by power…but by faith. Faith in the right thing or faith in the wrong … Continue reading

11: Finding Faith

FAITH AND LOVE The Holy Spirit, in many Bible passages, links faith with love. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through Love. Gal. 5:6 NIV The Great Mandate of the Lord Jesus – the single, boiled-down, essential … Continue reading

Faith Is

12: Mustard Seeds

MUSTARD SEED FAITH When Jesus spoke about faith, the mustard seed was His symbol—“smallest of all seeds.” His disciples heard that God’s voice is a seed, hiding within, power of Life and Reproduction, “some 30, some 60, some hundredfold” (Matthew 13). The mustard … Continue reading

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