Article Series : Heart of David

Heart of David

1: Fascination

David lived steeped in… lost in… fascination with the Divine.  Enamored with God, His will and purpose, with His very Being.  Captured into the wonder of Almighty’s endless mystery.  Trembling with anticipation of the next unfolding of His Brilliance, His … Continue reading

Heart of David

2: Loved By All

Saul lived for the praise of man; he even built a memorial to himself. Samuel rose early in the morning to meet Saul;  and it was told Samuel, saying, “Saul came to Carmel,  and behold, he set up a monument … Continue reading

Heart of David

3: Being Human

David, so singled out for favor.  Mentioned till the end of time and after that…forever. Linked to the Son, whose throne was named for this all-too-human king.  David, splendid to God, gave Him pleasure causing the Divine to remember him, … Continue reading

Heart of David

4: Presence of God

Peter preached Pentecost to explain those strange happenings tongues of fire, winds, and men in ecstasy.  He quoted Joel, who told of the coming outpouring of the Spirit.  But Peter told of another passage, overlooked and not comprehended, not of … Continue reading

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