Article Series : Military Might

Troop of Soldiers

Part 1: Introduction

A PERSONAL NOTE . . . I have been waiting and praying for months to have an anointing, a direction, about this present war.  (See prayer for Desert Storm, Praying in Time of War.  Since 9/11, this has been one of … Continue reading

Troop of Soldiers

Part 2: God in the Camp

Reading Deuteronomy 23:9-25 Please read this passage before you begin the article. When you go out as an army against your enemies, you shall keep yourself from every evil thing. Deuteronomy 23:9 NASB It is God’s extravagant desire to “show Himself … Continue reading

Troop of Soldiers

Part 3: Joshua

GOD CALLS THE WEAK Reading: Joshua 1 Though you train for strength, you must battle from weakness. This is the lost secret of the great warriors of scripture.  Moses, too weak to hold up his arms of authority, relied on … Continue reading

Troop of Soldiers

Part 4: Gideon

MAN OF VALOR: Gideon Reading Judges 6, Amplified Bible Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, I brought you up from Egypt and brought you forth  out of the house of bondage. And I delivered you out of the hand of … Continue reading

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