Article Series : Our God Reigns


1: About Authority

One of the most misunderstood, twisted and abused doctrines of Christianity is the subject of authority. It is a neglected study. It is an excuse for tyranny. The church that purports to be of Jesus, is one which today functions … Continue reading


2: Divine Order

God has organized the universe in a divine order of authority. All of His creation – to the most minuscule part – is arranged in a pattern of hierarchy, of levels of authority.  Even mankind. From the Beginning, God set … Continue reading


3: Dominion Lost

Eve failed to reign over the “creature that moved on the ground,” and Adam failed to lead her.  It was more than mere disobedience.  When Satan became their advisor, he became their master – in the place of God.  He became their … Continue reading


4: Two Principles

In the universe there are two principles in operation . . . and in opposition.  Two forces at war and at war with each other, vying for the world, for the souls of man.  They are not just two “Beings” … Continue reading

5: Joseph’s Authority

Joseph had not merely a dream, but a vision of his authority under God’s dream.  He dreamed of ruling over fields of wheat and over brothers who bowed to him: the picture of Joseph’s authority in earthly realms.  Divinely planned.  … Continue reading

6: Servant Lessons

Joseph, petted son of a rich nomad, privy to servants, living in luxury, feared by all because of his father.  This sort of man must learn another lesson before he can carry authority in God’s behalf. Joseph had to learn … Continue reading

7: Soul of Iron

Joseph learned to serve. It takes great strength to serve.  Anybody can rule.  It requires no integrity to dominate.  To serve one beneath your intelligence and to slave for that which is below your social rank – ah, that is … Continue reading

8: David’s Crown

True authority is given by Divine Choice.  David, least in the clan, was chosen by God over all his brothers.  Chosen also to rule his brothers, and of course, (it’s part of the package) disdained by them. But many lean … Continue reading

9: Honor the King

Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to governors . . .  I Peter 2:13 NKJV David’s king used him, tricked him, tried to get him killed in battle … Continue reading

10: Authority to Lead

The one who lusts to rule is ignorant of the ONE who has all rule.  Authority over others is a frightening responsibility if you know yourself.  And God. But authority is how the One True Kingdom is structured.  God bestows … Continue reading

11: Being Under

Learning to be “under” qualifies a person to be “over.” Elisha was only a plowman, tending his family fields.  Minding his insignificant life and its ordinary work.  But God had seen into his secret heart and found a man who … Continue reading

12: Free to Follow

The way of true godly authority is this: you are ever free under it.  It’s up to you whether you roast your oxen; no one makes you.  The choices, the degree of submission, the level of commitment to God’s plan … Continue reading

13: God of Hearts

God is so much God that He is in mysterious control, even of the heart of heathen kings.  God sent Moses to conquer Pharaoh and then hardened that king’s heart against His own messenger!  Time and again Moses came before … Continue reading

14: Scripture’s Authority

Much is made of Jesus quoting scripture in the wilderness to his enemy, as though to pull the right verse is the victory.  Spouting scripture has no magic to dispel the devil.  Scripture has phenomenal power but unless you submit … Continue reading

15: Knowing Authority

And when Jesus entered Capernaum, a centurion came to Him,  imploring Him, and saying, “Lord, my servant is lying  paralyzed at home, fearfully tormented.”  Jesus said to him, “I will come and heal him.” Matthew 8:5-7 NASB The centurion was … Continue reading

16: Authority and the Cross

GOD appoints authority to speak to you what you cannot hear and to take what you will not give up.  To crush what you have built for you.  To kill the love of ‘man.’  God uses authority to bring the … Continue reading

17: The Reward

Humanity has a basic aversion to responsibility.  We live for retirement and long for ease.  But God created us for the adventure of responsibility and gives us the Divine Aim of ruling with Christ – literally ruling!  Not figurative but … Continue reading

18: Child of the Father

We have no more power in ourselves than a squalling infant.  But whose child we are!  That is the source of privilege, the claim of power.  Our very identity. As a CHILD – a little child – your level of … Continue reading

19: True Authority

There is the authority of the Child in the Father’s Family, and there is another authority within that Family. God puts brother over brother, and sister, also.  God positions His children.  They are equal by Love, by Belonging and by … Continue reading

20: Wrongful Lords

Many are the ambitious, more than the meek.  Illegitimate authorities are those who take “over” when God has given no crown.  Presumptuous, willful, standing on their rightness, and defending that rightness . . . even against Raw Truth.  Wrong-lords having … Continue reading

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