Article Series : Our Right of Entrance

our right of entrance

1: A Vast Power

Andrew Murray says that without the Blood of Jesus Christ, we have nothing. And unless we repent of sin, we don’t have the Blood. Unless we receive His forgiveness, we don’t have the Blood because the forgiveness and remission of sins is in … Continue reading

our right of entrance

2: The Exchanged Life

The symbol of drinking His Blood is trying to get across to us that what you drink and what you eat enters into you and every part of you. It becomes part of your hands, part of your brain, etc.  I read … Continue reading

3: Receive Everything

The apostle Paul represents the believer who never laid eyes on Jesus. Yet he had as much insight as Peter and John and Matthew who had been with Him. In 1 Corinthians 11:23, Paul said, “For I received from the Lord … Continue reading

our right of entrance

4: Why Blood

Recently I was asked the question, “How do you forgive yourself?” And I gave an answer. But this morning the Lord gave me a much bigger, more wonderful answer. He showed me how you forgive yourself, and it has to … Continue reading

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