Article Series : Prophetic Writings

Prophetic Writings

Church on Fire

Many today would agree that the church is without fire. Numbers want fire but they mean the fire of zeal, devotion or evangelism. Feeling good and falling down. La-la land and visions of paradise. I love those too, but is … Continue reading


The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. John 3:8 NIV Eve would not live with … Continue reading

The Murder of God

God entered our human frailty and made Himself vulnerable to our deepest evil. Jesus, innocent of any offense against us opened His arms and let us slaughter Him with all the vicious disdain of our primal imagination. This is sin…it … Continue reading

Our Father in Heaven

I was blessed to have a stern daddy, sent from God to train me in the valuable fear of authority. And that prepared me perfectly to obey and fear God without question. I cherish with great love and eternal gratitude, … Continue reading

You Who Are Alone

God’s wandering children are always in a long fire of loneliness, struggling in the face of continuing disappointment in the Church, in family, in friends. Some have grown bitter. Some have settled down to live in floating despair. Some are … Continue reading


A preacher spoke at a famous man’s funeral. He said: “When you get behind the plow, when you face the devil and when you face God, you do so alone.” When you face your responsibility, your enemy, and your Creator, … Continue reading


Unity is not between believers. Unity is never possible in human relationships of earthly cords, but only in divine connections by the bonds of heaven. “I pray…that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me … Continue reading

The Coming Silence

In 1996, I was attending a conference. The Lord said a strange thing to me in the hotel room, “Take your cup of coffee and throw it on the shower wall.” So I did. I stood there looking at the … Continue reading

Without a Word

In Eden’s Garden the woman persuaded, using clever words to conquer Adam. By mere talk she tore him from his God and destroyed Paradise. Such is the force of words that spew from seductive conversations with Satan. To ponder is … Continue reading

Silent Power

Jericho, walled invader of God’s land. The first city of Joshua’s confrontation, first test of his leadership-by-faith-alone. Jericho stands for the haughty mind of flesh, that fortressed opposition to God’s Wonderful Ideas. …casting down arguments and every high thing that … Continue reading

The Silence of God

The Old Testament is a 4000 year record of the helplessness of humanity, proof of total futility and ultimate ruin. Our delusion is that we are gods, knowing good and evil. Our fantasy is that “knowing” makes us able. And … Continue reading

Born Again? Really?

The Christian world has been filled in the last decades with the tares of a false salvation, and myriads of people live in confidence of a security in God and in heaven that doesn’t exist. An illusion, with hell as … Continue reading

Prophetic Writings

Praying in Time of War

When Kuwait was invaded by Iraq and our American troops went to fight a war called Desert Storm, I was filled with enormous energy to intercede. What happened in that experience served as a milestone for me of how to … Continue reading

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