Article Series : The Hour of Our Destiny

Twin Towers on 9/11

1: In One Hour

When hell enraged lifts up her roar, When Satan stops my path before, When fiends rejoice and wait my end, When legioned hosts, their arrows send, Fear not my soul, but hurl at hell, Thy battle cry, IMMANUEL! Charles Spurgeon … Continue reading

2: The Crisis of Fear

Our President has said with brilliant wisdom, “Freedom and Fear are at war.” This is a spiritual battle as well as a national one.  A very personal and entirely private war of each – and every – person.  To the degree we win … Continue reading

3: Let All Be Silent

My soul would run in hysteria and cackle words at God in the face of this event!  “I know what to ask; of course I know how to pray . . . don’t I?  I must tell God what to … Continue reading

4: Remember the Great I AM

When the earth shifts and the sky drops on an entire nation, secure and impregnable, where is God?  When puny powers and petty madness of men can decimate the masses, Who is God? Excerpt from All and Only: “The Lord is in His … Continue reading

5: War of the Unseen

Dearest brothers and sisters who are reading these pages, Please endure with me while I open my heart for a moment before you. Normally I don’t share personally when I write for the website. In this situation, I am such … Continue reading

6: Angels in Silent Waiting

October 5, 2001 – Friday I have at times heard people talk about “seeing” things, and it was so outside my range of experience that it seemed like sheer fantasy. I understand how these things I am seeing could seem … Continue reading

7: The God Who Strikes

God moves always in the integrity of preparation, a long time in advance. He never leaves us with surprises for which we are unprepared.  If we listen, AND obey, we are ready for what comes, like the Psalmist who says, “He … Continue reading

8: Zion, Throne of God

Zion is the favorite place of God, the fountain of His healing, help, support, and blessing (Ps. 9:1, 87:2; Ps. 20:2, 128:5). Zion is the dwelling and resting place of God.  He has chosen Zion, He has desired it for … Continue reading

Twin Towers on 9/11

9: Psalm 91

Second Psalm of Moses During the terrible Battle of London, people memorized and prayed the 91st Psalm while they hid in bomb shelters. This Psalm has always held a fascination for me and I have searched it in prayer for … Continue reading

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