Article Series : The Two Faces

the two faces

Part 1: Faces Toward God

The whole of life is a venting, a spewing of either love for God or hatred for Him.  Our hidden love or our latent hatred creates the lens of viewing life and in that glass are the personal colors of our kaleidoscope seeing.  … Continue reading

Part 2: The Face of Love

You stay. Through the wranglings of this world, you wring out your own holiness. The weakness of my foolish humanity, you endure without labels and mockings.  You run toward and even dance with the discipline of the Lord’s whip. You never, never turn your back on … Continue reading

the two faces

Part 3: The Face of Hate

You are the brat of hell, a deranged spawn of evil. Every good gift, every revelation, every liberty, every healing, every love – you have destroyed with such malice that it doesn’t exist anymore even in your memory. You have soaked your soul in … Continue reading

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