Creation and Separation

1: Creation by Separation

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Creation and Separation Series

A powerful 2-part series on the principle of separation, shown at work in the creation of the world as well as the life of every believer who would be a disciple of Christ.


Reading Genesis 1

Wherever there is chaos, 
the Spirit of God comes to consider, to brood, to watch.

Darkness is disorder and chaos is confusion boiling out of nothingness.  All of it – the antithesis of God.  When the Spirit comes present, the chaos is disturbed by its waste and darkness becomes unendurable.  The emptiness groans for God…  Out of the murky waters of drowning, a terrible need for God’s flawless order becomes the cry of the dark.

And the Voice of Harmony boomed the words of healing by radical adjustment.  God called this Ultimate Solution LIGHT.  Comes Light: the Son!

But Light does not bring initial rest and order does not descend gently.  Light causes upheaval and turbulence, a whole new disturbance.  The first fruit of Light is division.  All creation is founded on separation.  Not multiplication.  Division, not addition.

God’s creating divides and separates.  Most of what was created had the result of massive separation.  What God initiates must be removed from the chaos of all that is without Him.

Light being born, darkness was separated out.  Water and land were divided into specifics.  No longer mixed.  God is not mixture on any basis.  He is ultimate order and that means absolute separation from disorder.

Day was parted from night.  The waters were unjoined, the heavens held its water and the earth pooled its own.  The resounding of God’s creative Word… divided.  Land was detached from water and though joined, they were… apart.  And by this Dominioned God, both the creating and the separating were declared… good.

Though bound in earth, seed and plant were of a different living order than soil.  Attached but divisible, functioning apart yet together.  So even earth and seed were called to be separate that each might live in His called-for purpose.

Purpose calls for: division.  Intact separation comes first – before anything created can perform according to God’s original idea.  The repeated word within creation was “separate.”  The Lights were divided into their function.

The great Light for the day and the reflective light for night.  And so, by that division, day and night appeared.  After this, the light of stars was planted in their places, separate from earth and sun, serving their distant glittering role.

And God placed them in the expanse of the heavens
to give light on the earth,
and to govern the day and the night, 
and to separate the light from the darkness;
and God saw that it was good.
Genesis 1:17-18 NASB

What God made and did was good, and separation within the making also was “good.”

When the creatures were made there was the first absence of division, only the command of multiplication.  Yet even man was subject to this basis of creation-by-separation.  Man was separated out of dust and combined with elements to become something from earth but no longer of earth.  Woman was separated out of man to be a full entity of her own distinction.  And man was not alone, for the woman was his other, an entirely “other.”

His companion was only a companion because she was separate. Not in him. Nor like him.  His loneliness was filled by her individuality, by her otherness, not her sameness.

Unity only follows separateness.

All of God’s creation rests on specific identity for particular placing.  The new creation in Christ Jesus is therefore an entire original, unmixed into another’s identity, and unlike any other person.

God’s ongoing creation is ever on this basis: the Spirit brooding over the chaos, the Word of God going forth.  Light precedes all other appearances and division is the result of light.

Copyright © 2003 Martha Kilpatrick, Creation and Separation

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