Heart of David

1: Fascination

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Heart of David Series

Why was David privileged to see the Lord Jesus so clearly and unmistakably? This 4-part series takes a closer look at the life and choices of the one God called a man after His own heart.


David lived steeped in… lost in… fascination with the Divine.  Enamored with God, His will and purpose, with His very Being.  Captured into the wonder of Almighty’s endless mystery.  Trembling with anticipation of the next unfolding of His Brilliance, His Wisdom… His Ever-throbbing Heart.

David peered so intently into the deep essence of God that he began to see the Coming Son… and amazingly, to know Him, that most Incredible Mystery of God.

Jesus. Hinted at by prophets, glimpsed in brief segments by the seers.  Yet David! David saw Him.  Not by shadows, not by bits and glimmers.  David saw Him, actually beheld Him by a clarity and constancy of no one else in all of Old Testament time… as such, he was captured and enthralled.  I saw the Lord always before me, because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken (Psalm 16:8; Acts 2:25).

David entered Christ’s suffering and even shared His experience (Psalm 22:1, 16-18).  In the mystery of timelessness, David lived by another sphere, a future reality – not yet seen – where the Son is ALL.  Most of us live in the boring consideration of the egocentric “I”…  Not David. He lived enthralled with “You.”  When I consider YOUR heavens, the work of YOUR fingers, the moon and the stars, which YOU have ordained…  How majestic is YOUR name in all the earth (Psalm 8:3, 9)!

Ever probing life in the presence of God, David lived by the wondrous discovery of “The Great and Only YOU” in every circumstance.  YOU will make known to me the path of life.  In YOUR presence is fullness of joy; In YOUR right hand there are pleasures forever (Psalm 16:11 NASB).

The conscious core of David’s very breath was God.  As for me, I shall behold YOUR face in righteousness.  I will be satisfied with YOUR likeness when I awake (Psalm 17:15 NASB).  He slept in God. He awoke in God.  His waking satisfaction lay… in God.

In the poetic record of his soul’s wrestling and worship, David might begin with a troubled “I” but he ever concludes with the “Amazing YOU.”  Life for David was not a mirror for self-watchful preening.  His was a secret world of unearthly focus.  A life of constant fascination.

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