Four Faces of Jesus

1: Four Faces of Jesus

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Four Faces of Jesus Series

Join Martha as she delves deeper into the four symbols of Christ's being, given to us that we may better glimpse the fascinating mystery that is Jesus.


Jesus – complex and mysterious – perplexed everyone, from the disciples who loved Him to the religious who hated Him.  He was incomprehensible to them then, and little do we know Him today, nor fathom His Many-sided Nature.

The Lord Jesus has many names but He has four faces, symbols of His being.  Four fascinating pictures of His endless wealth, and each one is a challenge to our measly idea of this unspeakably rich Son of God.  Four sides, four manifestations of Jesus’ character.  Glimpses only, of His glittering facets.

Few are those who can distinguish the four faces of Jesus.  See His contrasting sides and know Him as He is…   We diminish Him to one aspect and lose His essence and greatness. And so… lose Him.

We would shape Jesus into a simple mold of one dimension… to comprehend Him who cannot be contained.

Revelation 4:6-7 NLT
In the center and around the throne were
four living beings, each covered with eyes,
front and back.
The first of these living beings had
the form of a lion;
the second looked like an ox;
the third had a human face; and the
fourth had the form of an eagle with wings
spread out as though in flight.

These beings are at the very center of the throne and also around it.  Some scholars say these beings represent Christ.  They are four vivid pictures of Him.

  • Lion: the King.
  • Ox: the Servant.
  • Human: His humanity.
  • Eagle: His Divinity.

They correspond to the gospels.  Matthew reveals the Lion-King.  Mark, the Servant in the Ox.  Luke shows the Human Son of Man.  John unveils the Eagle, Son of God.

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