Twin Towers on 9/11

1: In One Hour

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About The Hour of Our Destiny Series

September 11 plunged our nation into crisis. This series documents the move of God, the role of intercessory prayer, and the Spirit's wisdom, provision and protection in times of turmoil.


When hell enraged lifts up her roar,
When Satan stops my path before,
When fiends rejoice and wait my end,
When legioned hosts, their arrows send,
Fear not my soul, but hurl at hell,
Thy battle cry, IMMANUEL!

Charles Spurgeon

In one hour of a normal sunny day, our nation was catapulted into war, and the world with us.  That one hour brought us to our destiny.  Each of us lives, and is alive, for this hour.

So we, the ordinary, the young, the too old, we ALL are in a war that has knocked down our front door, right up the street from us.  By this sudden emergency, we face an uncertain future.  The security of yesterday was blown away by the ‘today’ frozen in time called “September 11th.”

The only sure thing is that as a nation, and as the church-united, we must turn to God the Father of Jesus Christ, and to the power gained by prayer.  Our future as a nation lies in the hands of believers in the Only Son of God, Jesus Christ, and our personal lives hang suspended in that balance.

One of our group sent this piercing comment:

“You asked us to read Isaiah 26, and verse 8 has been my focus: Your name and Your renown are the desire of our hearts.  Ever since September 11, there’s been a lot of talk about ‘God.’ No mention of JESUS.  I want to scream it! Everyone is so careful not to offend. Using the name of God doesn’t necessarily mean the only GOD! ‘God’ can be whomever we want to make Him. Jesus is my LORD and He is GOD, but He has a NAME! My prayer is that HIS NAME be lifted up and remembered, starting with and mainly with me. It seems that NAME is offensive, which in my secular circle is the case.”

Here at Shulamite Ministries, “our heartfelt desire” is to exalt the name of our Lord, Savior, King and Master, Jesus Christ . . . for the remembrance and celebration of Him.

The following articles in this series will concentrate on the way of Relationship with the True God.  From that relationship flows the solution, personally first and then nationally.  The solution being Prayer!

Another article will concentrate on prayer during War.  The secret of victory, the only secret, is PRAYER!  To that privilege and adventure, all believers are called.  Quite seriously now, to that responsibility we are summoned.

Prayer that can reach into the very councils of God, to find His transcendent Will for this earth and bring in His Kingdom . . . this is the prayer we seek to know.  It will be prayer that exalts the name of Jesus and remembers His voice and victory and seeks only His glory.

The Hour of Our Destiny.

Copyright © 2001 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, The Hour of Our Destiny

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