God Has a Dream

1: The Dream of God

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About God Has A Dream Series

A 2-part series on the ultimate purpose of God and discovering our individual role in His awesome dream.


The Unchanging Move of God

Sitting in a meadow under a vast Colorado sky, I glanced at the clouds, some gray with rain, others of white fluff and they were swirling in that leisurely way of clouds. I returned to read the book in my lap. In a few minutes I looked again at the sky and it had completely changed. That slow movement was rolling so steadily that it was, in actuality, moving rapidly and transforming constantly. I closed my book as being less interesting than clouds and began to watch this natural phenomenon: a daily wonder we overlook by being people who live under roofs and behind doors.

Such, I thought, is the move of God.  He seems to move in our lives slowly but over time, over a year, we see that He was sweeping us along in His breathless pace… and we end where we did not foresee.  We go where we never expected.  We arrive where we never planned.  We find ourselves moved… within the Move of God.  It is the Holy Breath of God who moves the cloud of God’s purpose, that imperceptible Presence of the Holy Spirit.  He who blows and whispers with gentle power.

The wind blows where it wishes, 
and you hear its sound, 
but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. 
So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.
John 3:4 ESV

By this Holy Wind we are moved into the Great Move.  The wonder of the Holy Spirit is that He is ever aware of the Father’s mind and all He does is in harmony with what the Father has in His mind… which is the end.  So every stirring breeze of the Spirit is toward that end.

J. B. Stoney wrote, “God is in cloudless rest about me, His boundless thoughts.”  God stirs by His marvelous thoughts.  He bursts within the greathearted bounty of His original ideas.  And our Great Original One is moving toward His ultimate purpose – for His Son, for US.  He is inexorably, unchangingly, determinedly going!  Nothing will stop Him; nothing will thwart Him.

We are meant to be part of it. We each have an assigned place… within the Idea.  But we can join or not. We can go or we can stay.  We can miss it all or we can be caught up in the flow toward which the Spirit is slowly but deliberately effecting God’s end.

The culmination of God’s creation will be the gathering of all things into, unto and under… His Son!

He planned for the maturity of the times and
the climax of the ages to unify all things
and head them up and consummate in Christ,
(both) things in heaven and things on the earth.
Eph. 1:10 Amplified

For born-again believers, our life truly begins only at the marriage of the Lamb.  This present life, this phase of being, is merely a school, only a preparation for what will be… the Real Life.  We were created for that time, for that purpose.  Here and now is just the testing ground, the learning place for the great adventure which lies entirely ahead.

So we need our eye fixed where God’s goal is fixed.  We should live in view of an ‘other view.’  We must look toward the culmination of all things and that honing beam as a compass will point to our eternal destiny, color our every perspective and form our fundamental purpose.

It is not here. All is there. We are living for there even if we do not recognize the shadow of that Cloud in which God is moving, the specter of a Tomorrow where Christ is the Visible ALL.  His boundless thoughts include you to the end of His purpose.

And beyond the Marriage Supper is a long eternity where our true vocation comes to its fore.  John named it at Patmos.  Despite his chains, John’s eye was on the end.

To Him (Jesus Christ) who ever loves us and has once
(for all) loosed and freed us from our sins by His own blood,
And formed us into a kingdom (a royal race),
priests to His God and Father,
to Him be the glory and the power and majesty
and the dominion throughout the ages
and forever and ever.  Amen.
Rev. 1:6 Amplified

The present offices of the Church, as wonderful as they are (apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, administrator, and so on) are not mentioned in Revelation.  These gifts and callings will disappear at Christ’s return.  They exist and serve only for this life and this time as a training and school of preparation.

For eternity, the only office of believers
will be that of… Priest!

So as apostles, we are being trained in that specific for priesthood.  In roles of pastor, we are learning to be priests. In every calling, in all the roles, through all the gifts, the goal of God is to prepare a kingdom of PRIESTS for the eternal, unending service and worship of the Lamb!

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