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1: The Kingdom Door

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Citizens of the Kingdom Series

The Kingdom is to be brought down into earth's anarchy, but what does that look like in our daily, practical life? The answer, which unlocks every provision the Kingdom holds, may surprise you!


The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s reign and His realm.  The place of His absolute rule and the home of His boundless imagination.  He wishes us to enter the Kingdom and live by Kingdom joy and power.

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus revealed by His prayer that the Kingdom of heaven is the repository of God’s will.  The will of God is the kingdom of heaven.  And the kingdom is to be brought here, down into earth’s anarchy by seeking the will of God.

Jesus taught us to pray for the coming of the Kingdom and not the increase of the church, as such. The church and the kingdom are not synonymous, but God’s highest will and the Kingdom of God are one and the same.  The church is to serve the Kingdom of God, not the reverse.  Jesus’ concern was always the Kingdom.  Church is mentioned twice but “kingdom” came from His lips numbers of times.  The kingdom was ever His heart’s message.

The parables of Christ concerned the kingdom – explaining, exposing, declaring the nature of the kingdom: kingdom authority, kingdom distinctives, kingdom blessings . . . and the rights of the King.

Inside the Kingdom of God rest the benefits of God, all the provision of the Lord, the sanctuary of His nearness, the power of His indwelling, and the glory of His Fatherhood.  His presence dwells in the Kingdom.  One who is in the Kingdom enjoys the King.

By the appearing of Jesus comes the presence of the Kingdom.  “The Kingdom is in your midst” (Luke 17:21).  Jesus being in their midst, therefore the Kingdom was present, before their eyes.  But the kingdom was not “within” them as such . . . rather it was “near” them by the nearness of Jesus.  The kingdom of God was accessible to them in the Person of Jesus, if they would receive HIM!  (Luke 17:21 is better translated “the kingdom is in your midst” (ESV) or “in your grasp.”)

The vastness of the kingdom is within you once you are in the kingdom! Only then.

The kingdom is the King and the King is Jesus Christ, Only Son of God.  There is no kingdom life apart from Him, nor is there any kingdom outside His reign.  The kingdom is about the King and for the King and all that is in the kingdom . . . serves the King.  The characteristic of the kingdom is the nature of its King.

Entrance to the Kingdom of God is restricted.  Being born again does not gain access.  Working for God does not open kingdom doors.  Knowing Truth does not obtain entrance.  The door opens from my side.  God has rent the veil that I may go in, but I must find the handle, that “narrow way” the only way by which I am welcomed or even allowed inside.

Scripture paints vividly real pictures of kingdom entry.  God wants us there.  He draws the map and reveals the criterion in full and clear explanation.

May we see, Lord. May we see!

Copyright © 2003 Martha Kilpatrick, Citizens of the Kingdom

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