19: True Authority

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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Martha's thorough and definitive series on one of the most pivotal spiritual issues, and one of the most misunderstood: Authority.


There is the authority of the Child in the Father’s Family, and there is another authority within that Family.

God puts brother over brother, and sister, also.  God positions His children.  They are equal by Love, by Belonging and by Worth.  But they are subject to the Father’s organization.  True authority is rare because it requires a “dead man.”

Joseph was assigned by Abraham (and therefore by God also) to rule his brothers.  He wasn’t the eldest. He wasn’t the ablest.  He was just the one chosen.  But he had to be a “dead man” to carry that authority with the brilliance he later possessed.

Deborah had authority as judge.  God appointed her so.  She didn’t usurp the position. She just sat under her palm tree of communion with the Father and became known as the representative of His mind.  She didn’t just settle the disputes of people.  She was a prophetess who declared God’s heart.

And the children of Israel come up to her for judgment.
Judges 4:5

Barak had the wisdom to acknowledge her authority and the temerity to seek her dominion to gain his own destiny as warrior.

Authority in the Body of Christ is an issue of, first, election.  God chooses. Period. By some age-long plan of His secret orchestra, He appoints the chair we sit in.  Second, authority resting on a person is a matter of training.

But the training is not training as a school of how-to.  It is a severe fire of annihilation, of silver in a long burning-out of vile mixture.  Silver boiling is a long – horrifying – gaze in the mirror of fallen humanity, your own, and the humiliation of it is a grim finish to confidence and ambition.  The cup must be empty to carry true authority.

Authority represents God and permits nothing human to call itself “God.”  Authority wears His Mantle, spills over with His love, gives only His speech, and assesses by His evaluation, by knowing the mind of Christ.  The one who stands in the Father’s appointing carries His opinion of matters.  He conveys to you His vision of your worth and, often, the correction of His nurture.

The policeman is a man of no personal power.  He is a representative of all that stands behind him – the Law, the Government – so his power is truly over life and over death!

The judge on the bench is just a person, but in his robe, he represents the Law of Government.  As its “judge of situations” by the authority behind him, he holds life, liberty and even death in his delegated power.

Many are those who have abused their power.
Be sure they will answer.

But there is an ideal in the spiritual kingdom, the church.  A reachable function of authority where one is merely a representative, uninvolved as a person, bearing purely the Life of the Only One who is fit to “judge” by His holiness and given authority to judge by His Father.

Only One in the universe is fit
for the role of authority.

Only One has authority!

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