2: Flesh Conquered

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About The Power of the Cross Series

Whenever we go to the flesh, we will go to our excesses of the past. Those excesses are ever possible apart from taking up our cross daily. Learn what it means to live dead and be free!


Flesh is a resident monster that chains me, drives me, masters me. It is a force that stands against God and all He wants, all He is. Whatever flesh is, it is the opposite of God, and the foe of God.

All my opposition and disapproval will not tame it. My most noble determination is no power to match it. In fact, flesh loves a moral fight, for it wins that battle every time. Flesh is the incorrigible force in the body called the “law of sin.” (A law being that which is always – without exception, without let up – in full operation.)

What is flesh? Flesh is lazy tolerance. Flesh follows its own appetite, steals its satisfaction, cares only for its sated fullness. Do you know it now by its formation in you? Could you name it? Though crucified, flesh remains in some ironic state of awakened stench, ever pestering and calling me to its defense.

That Christ Jesus paid for sins, we know. That He died for the sinner, we comprehend. But that His death conquered flesh NOW, today! This we cannot see. The flesh of mankind has been crucified. Flesh is dead…therefore flesh is solved, for the only solution is its absolute death. “It is finished.”

It is possible to live without the tyranny of the flesh. It is our right and privilege to be rid of its cruel torture and shame. The fight is over. The struggle died with the “old man.” If I accept the Sacrifice, if I trust the Solution, I can simply drop my boring flesh in the grave and skip my way to God.

Copyright © 1999 Martha Kilpatrick, The Power of the Cross

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