God Has a Dream

2: The Dream Goes On

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About God Has A Dream Series

A 2-part series on the ultimate purpose of God and discovering our individual role in His awesome dream.


The Unfolding Purpose of God

God created the world for His ultimate design.  And God created humanity for His great idea of our role – a place so significant as to bombard our imagination, a purpose of such power we have yet to grasp it.

The Ruined Dream

The first two were meant to live in bliss with God.  They were to fulfill Him as companions and dwell in the wonders of His Being.  Adam and Eve ruined His dream but it never stopped Him.  He will have His dream, He will move toward His purpose.  Always, without being discouraged, thwarted or changed, God is moving toward His dream and He will have His dream.

Israel  Hope of God’s Dream

God called the nation of Israel into being… for His Dream.  And He poured out every possible provision.  Such is His commitment to a people who will be formed for His Dream.

The Dream of God is what He spoke to Moses“and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Ex. 19:6).

God wanted a kingdom of priests, those who would serve Him as their King and Monarch, who would come into His presence in the Holy of Holies and Minister to Him.  They were to be the vessels of discovering His will, intercessors who would carry the twelve tribes on their hearts and bring them before His Holy Presence.

This was God’s dream: the priesthood!  A priesthood under the government of a King.  A group of set-apart ones, utterly loyal to Him, equipped and prepared to minister to His Heart, to bring His thoughts and desires into the realm of earth.  To learn God’s ways, and bring His will to Israel, Moses was on the Mount Sinai, basking in the Blazing Presence of Jehovah, waiting for the will of God, for the revealing of His great standard of holiness.

Another Ruin of God’s Dream

But impatient Israel was unwilling to wait for Moses.  This new nation demanded an idol, a god they could see, a god of their creation, one who was not blazing, frightening and uncontrollable.  So they formed a golden calf, symbol not of divine purity, but youth and strength and animalistic lust.  They worshipped the license of their own flesh and lost the great and marvelous purpose of God – a kingdom of priests.

Moses saw that the people were out of control – 
for Aaron had let them get out of control
to be a derision among their enemies…
Exodus 32:25 NASB

The priesthood, the role of those who stand in that Holy of Holies centrality, is first of all, over all… WORSHIP!  The priest is priest only if God is God.  And intercession is, above all, ministry to Jehovah, a relationship with Him, a place of intimacy where He shares His heart and thoughts.  There can be only one loyalty for a priest, only one agenda for the minister to God and that is God Himself.

A Priesthood Loyal to God

The sons of Levi alone stood with God, and chose His side.  With great fervor and radical obedience, they slew three thousand of their brothers, neighbors and friends.  And what was to be a kingdom of priests was reduced to one tribe, the sons of Levi, with Aaron as the head.

The priesthood is the great high office of intercession – the place of those who know God-secrets and hear His exquisite thoughts.  The priesthood is the eternal purpose for humanity.  And God is moving to that end. He will have His glorious “kingdom of priests.”

He will!

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