20: Wrongful Lords

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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Martha's thorough and definitive series on one of the most pivotal spiritual issues, and one of the most misunderstood: Authority.


Many are the ambitious, more than the meek.  Illegitimate authorities are those who take “over” when God has given no crown.  Presumptuous, willful, standing on their rightness, and defending that rightness . . . even against Raw Truth.  Wrong-lords having a high opinion of their own opinion.

By the self-crowning delusion that they know all, they presume to rule all.  And their means to conquer are the arguments of right and wrong, pressing, pushing, ever insistent, and subtle as the serpent.  Very simple and consistent: they are right.  All else, all others, at all times – wrong.

By that deluded gall, they stomp across you with unchecked aggression, cruel, tyrannical, unbending.  Wrong-lords never move in love – the selflessness that is genuine love.  And this is one sure way you know.  Flattering, oozing and dripping the pretense to honor, this is never love.  To seize your soul . . . never is this love.

When a wolf comes,
look at the fruit.

And have no fear of calling a wolf, “wolf!” and tolerate no one who steals your God.  God must always define authority to us, show us the order of His kingdom . . . where I am, where you are.  And He does so in the secret place of His presence.  He does so ONLY by the quest for His will.

The Real Ruler – the One in Heaven – waits for you to fight for your God to be ONLY God, to send the wolf away without terror, despite his growl and slash, his threat and spit.  Know authority from the lap of Abba, from His counsel, His Word . . . His Love.

Should you be anointed with authority from heaven, your enemy will send a Wrong-lord to shove you out of your position, destroy your confidence, take over the throne of your life AND mind, ultimately to lure you away from the Supreme Authority of your Gracious Father.  Submit to God alone. Even if it is a human ruler, deal with it by His instruction of wisdom.

Receive only the directions that come from the Spirit and learn to discern the voice that speaks.  Weigh everything on bended knees as a slave of His will.  Welcome no usurper into your heart . . . or home.

And “call no ‘man’ father.”
For you have a Father . . . in heaven.

Copyright © 1999 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, Our God Reigns

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