25: Indwelling Oneness

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About The Bride Is Ready Series

Who is the Bride of Christ, and how does she make herself ready? These questions and more are explored in this piercing series as Martha digs deep into the blessings AND requirements of Christ's own Bride.


This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church.
Ephesians 5:32 NKJV

Of all titles, “Bridegroom” is the choice of the One who dreamed marriage. Though He is King He wants no throne towering over us. Though He is God, He desires no lording supremacy. Even as Savior, He requires no slavehood. His longing is to be a Bridegroom to His creation.

Jesus’ Love rises above all His power and position. His Love propels Him beyond friendship with us. His desire is deeper than for companionship. His plan is a fabulous joining of which marriage is a minuscule picture. A high and holy melding, by actual indwelling.

Christ seeks a union of permanent oneness through His presence within, issuing in constant unceasing bliss. Astounding mystery, that One so exalted – so divine – would stoop so low, reform a harlot humanity and by His dripping blood and ragged flesh, liberate her as His choice for Bride. Not prisoner. Not slave. Not worker. We grovel in these three notions…but we are called a Bride adored, redeemed.

A Bride!

Encompassing human need for both Lover and Protector—Jesus is Bridegroom to His Church. Our Savior is our Bridegroom!

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