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27: The Only Husband

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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Who is the Bride of Christ, and how does she make herself ready? These questions and more are explored in this piercing series as Martha digs deep into the blessings AND requirements of Christ's own Bride.


The one who dreamed marriage,
made it not for human relationship but…for Himself.

The human marriage, a hint and rehearsal only. Marriage was His Original Design for the ultimate purpose of His own aching love-heart: to gain an object for His most intimate union by actual indwelling—to feed, nurture, cover and…possess by His holy love.

Husband-giver, wife-receiver – this arrangement was the Eternal Father’s reason for Creation: the way of expansion to fill the earth, the manifestation of His own love, the solution for loneliness. And these reasons and purposes apply to GOD and not only to humanity. Marriage is His expression of Himself. He gave the institution that we might comprehend His powerful focus of love.

He made humanity to need marriage. This lies at the heart center of every person: the desire for understanding, intimacy, the need to give love as well as the desperation to possess it. These are the built-in drives of humanity, designed to take us to the supreme pinnacle of human existence: knowing God the Son as Bridegroom and then…Husband.

The Creator stamped the creature with such idealistic need, such vision of love’s desire, that only He can live up to the perfection of such an instinctive ideal. He set His own dream within the conscious heart of His creation, made to satisfy God’s marriage ideal…and not their own.

Truly, marriage was born in Heaven. And all of humanity has desecrated this ideal communion – from Highest Israel down to the Redeemed Church. Throughout all the ages, mankind has turned this holy union into a forum for self-indulgence, for abuse by unending sin, and willful bitterness. We have profaned the holy. We are blind to the divine pattern and disinterested in the Ultimate Union of God within. Unfit for the Wedding of history’s end.

Paul writes of marriage in his letter to the Ephesians – that most purely spiritual of his many churches. To these ones who could comprehend, Paul pours out his revelation of the meaning of matrimony.

Wives be subject to your own husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the Body. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her, so that He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, that He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless…

By this indecipherable discourse, Paul weaves the human relationship into the Savior’s wedded position with the church. Paul concludes those guides of marriage with this exquisite declaration:

This mystery is great, but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church.
Ephesians 5:32 NASB

Marriage is not to be the “example” to copy Christ and the church. Marriage is rather the “expression” of the union of Christ and His Bride. The apostle is not appealing to us to copy or emulate Christ in the husband-role nor the church in the wife-role. Paul presents the whole Christian marriage as a mystery, not unfathomable, but defying explanation. It issues from heaven, from the spiritual bond down and into the earthly institution.

The Believer’s realization of union with Christ permeates the human bond. The marriage becomes saturated with the style and character of the True Husband and begins to appear in replication of that Heaven Union. The Divine Master first, given His place as jealous Husband, jealous even of our human bonds, no matter how sealed by vows.

There is only One Husband of our soul
and One Partner for our destiny.

Christ is first and the origin of any marriage bond. Until He is Husband, the marriage is below the line of God’s best intention. Where just one partner fuses with God in abject surrender, the mystery of the Divine Union begins to flow and appear in the human relationship. Paul calls it a mystery…one to be revealed by entry. A mystery to unfold by living.

Where there is no human marriage, the wedding call, the marriage mandate still stand…waiting to be understood by surrender. A mystery solved and understood by the “wife-believer” submitting to the “Husband-Lord” in all things.

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