Heart of David

3: Being Human

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Heart of David Series

Why was David privileged to see the Lord Jesus so clearly and unmistakably? This 4-part series takes a closer look at the life and choices of the one God called a man after His own heart.


David, so singled out for favor.  Mentioned till the end of time and after that…forever. Linked to the Son, whose throne was named for this all-too-human king.  David, splendid to God, gave Him pleasure causing the Divine to remember him, and hold him forth for all of Christian history.

What was his anchor to God that he should know such a glowing presence of God – such lasting magnitude for himself?  The answer is a surprise to the religious and a comfort to the deficient.  David was human – fully, deliberately, comfortably, always…just human. And God loved him for his humanity.

God is interested in human beings, not in dolls or clowns or actors or slaves.

God does not want religious teachers, or ministers, or workers, or wives or fathers.  Though we believe He likes a producing machine, what God really wants is…a YOU. God doesn’t want you to be a role in this life; He wants you to be you. First. Then you can live a role, but first find you, be you, like being you.

God wants children. Definition of children: people who will be human. Simply human. Completely human. God can deal with humans. He cannot deal with liars who pretend to be angels. Humans are not angels. He made us dust so He knows we are dust. When we try to be rubies or crystallite, God is gone. God can deal with dust. God relates ONLY to the dust of which He HIMSELF made us.

The disciples were just human beings.  Real ones.  Ordinary people.  Jesus never minded their stupidity.  He answered their ambitious claims with respect.  It appears that He was patient, but I doubt it took endurance.  He loved them in their raw humanity.  His only frustration with them was for their failure to believe… Why? They were childlike, so they should have just fallen for Him, believed by simplicity when they saw His wonders.

You are a human that is the dream of God.  Every one of us, a unique idea of His Imagination.  He made your original blueprint, and melted you by environment for your molded destiny.  You are a genuine original.  No other story is yours.  No identity is even your relative twin.  You are not your job, your title, your role. You are…you.

David was his created self.  His individuality was within his soul.  And in that private honesty, he simply was.  Spontaneous and real.  The man’s works flowed out of his alive self.  His unique mark stamped all his roles and his creativity shaped their expression.  As a human, he could dream with God and see with God.  He could know his potential by God’s will and discover his talents by God’s assignments.

David was fascinated to know God’s secrets about him.  He was enthralled with “being.”  His was not an egocentric focus, but he liked “being David.”

God created humans. We would be more.  We claw to be more.  We lie to be above human.  But all things are given to the human. God relates ONLY to the human. Live in super spirituality, grandiose superiority, strength and confidence…and God is gone. Humanity is, in its core reality, weak. Incapable. Inept. Ignorant.

The great and secret irony: Only in being small can you be great.  Only in lowly humanity will you reach the Divine.  Only in being weak can you find strength.

All humanity needs, in order to be all God means us to be, is…God.

Copyright © 2002 Martha Kilpatrick, Heart of David

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