3: Let All Be Silent

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About The Hour of Our Destiny Series

September 11 plunged our nation into crisis. This series documents the move of God, the role of intercessory prayer, and the Spirit's wisdom, provision and protection in times of turmoil.


My soul would run in hysteria and cackle words at God in the face of this event!  “I know what to ask; of course I know how to pray . . . don’t I?  I must tell God what to do! No time to wait.”

Yet when my spirit touches that other sphere, that heaven-realm, for an audience with God in Christ, about this terrible hour, I meet . . . His silent tranquility.

And I really have nothing to say.  I do not know how to live and serve.  No idea what to think or ask or be.  I have not heard His heart . . . not yet.  Only God’s words reverberate and move history.  His idea alone riding over chaos, can calm it, solve it.

God enthroned above the nations and their madness, dwells in Ageless Peace and He waits to speak until I am silent.  His voice will not compete with human frenzy.  I do not need the insight of human logic or opinions of the soul, chained to this world.  I need God’s Voice.

The endless discussion of experts gives me no answer.  I need God’s Voice.

I shed my presumptuous reason and sit in His presence to settle for nothing less than His Great Vision.  I need God’s Voice.

And! I can hear it. Amazing! He speaks to His children.  To you – to me.  To hear means I must shut myself up.  To listen means I have to invoke silence on my inner world, and push my troubled heart into the soothing presence of my Abba’s Timeless Calm.

But the Lord is in His holy temple.
Let all the earth be silent before Him.
(Literal: Hush before Him, all the earth.)
Hab. 2:20 NASB

 . . . listen to Me in silence,
And let the peoples gain new strength . . .  
Isa. 41:1 NASB

Be silent (hush), all flesh, before the Lord; 
for He is aroused from His holy habitation.
Zech. 2:13 NASB

Stillness is the sweet atmosphere of the Only Throne.  His Voice, a hallowed sound of the Original and the Unimagined.  His Presence, an inhaling of bliss, the fountain of saturating peace.

The greater the crisis, the deeper the thirst for a hush in the soul . . . to wait unendingly for the breathtaking reflections of the Most High God.

Copyright © Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, The Hour of Our Destiny

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