3: Receive Everything

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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We ever undervalue the power and place of the Blood of Christ - and just how total a redemption it effects. Discover anew the priceless payment that sets us free!


The apostle Paul represents the believer who never laid eyes on Jesus. Yet he had as much insight as Peter and John and Matthew who had been with Him. In 1 Corinthians 11:23, Paul said, “For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you…” And the Amplified says, “what I received directly…”

The Lord taught him the communion Himself. I’m impacted by one line in Matthew 13: “All things He explained privately to His disciples…” And He explained this to Paul and showed it to him. He took him to that very occasion (1 Cor. 11).

The breaking of the bread means that the Cross broke His soul and His body, and through the middle of His being, we have access to God (Heb. 10:20). He was split open like the veil in the temple, so the broken bread represents our remembrance of how we have this access straight into the presence of God as a permanent lifestyle. The only obstacle is believing this incredible, wondrous gift He gave to us. That veil was split from top to bottom the moment He died – it was HIS splitting in a way that we cannot comprehend. I want to receive the access to His life that the broken bread represents.

I THANK HIM for giving us such a gift! I would have settled for just not going to hell. But He gave us the Throne, and sonship, and redemption, and a brand new being that is ours for the believing!

Paul also said, “In the same way, He took the cup…” (v. 25). The cup stands for the New Covenant. And the New Covenant is – would that we would never forget it – “He solved everything.” Every problem! Everything! He solved everything.

This is the covenant: God has done it all!

There is nothing for me to do…but believe. The Blood is tied to the covenant and the covenant is, “I will write my will on your mind and your heart. I will be your God and you will be My people” (Heb. 8:10).

We belong to Him. It is a covenant of belonging. “And I will remember your iniquities no more. I will FORGET your iniquities…” (v. 12). I forget that He said He’ll do it all. In the Old Testament, you had to try to please Him. In the New Testament, Christ has pleased Him and it’s over.

All I have to do is receive EVERYTHING, because He solved it.

He solved my mind, my heart, my will, my identity, my life, my relationship with Him. He solved my sins and He even forgot them. They are gone as far “as the east is from the west” (Ps. 103:12). So all this comes as one enormous Gift – through the Blood of Christ.

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