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4: Faith is a Person

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Faith Is Series

We must understand the power of faith, because what we believe is what blooms in our lives. This 12-part series lays bare the operational law of faith and how it affects us every day.


All of life is a search for a person, one who knows the very core of all my turmoiled being – of the lost and vivid parts of me, and even in that bare maze, loves me with reckless love. To find this one, we build inane friendships. We cavort with money, we lay with cold, unanswering objects, devour neighbors, and believe in dogs. “Where is my friend? Where is my friend?”

Quiet search or brazen quest, we seek above all…relationship. A companion. Not only a mutual love, but one who loves me when I can’t love and am not lovely. Who keeps my highest self before his eyes. A perfect being of perfect deed—a god of course. There lives that impossible ideal, implanted in the soul by innate creation. An inescapable need that makes an endless hunt – kinship with another soul. A link of naked understanding to one who calls my essence forth. One who never fails, never betrays…and never, ever leaves.

God in Three, the only filler of the bill. And He stoops – Father, Mother, Husband – to be Companion, intimate, perfect…the end of the hunt. Faith rises from such a relationship. Faith soars that rests only on who…not what. “I know whom I have believed.” Paul believed because he rested on a Person, taught doctrine only as the solid truth about the Perfect One. And that Knowable Being became his sole pursuit and only treasure.

There is a prerequisite of faith—simple, possible. All we have to do is LOOK. Not at a book, not toward a principle but at a Person, Divine by an Ideal Perfection. The One who holds the universe together and keeps it from utter madness…can hold me, keep me. Jesus, Only Jesus. None other, not ever.

The Holy Carpenter planes away what isn’t faith, hones the living out of the dead wood. He crafts our life from the common into the fine and polishes to the last conclusion what we can only feebly begin. His work is to work on us. He is the Craftsman of faith and we, His raw material. But looking is profound…and rare.

For one object to be the focus, every other object has to step to the side. “Looking away from all that would distract” is leaving all my pet fixations especially the main obsession…with ME. Self-staring is self-worship. I must leave the inverted observation of my self for a Better Person.

To look at the Finisher is to have faith. You look at your source, you gaze by the inner heart at your Only Hope. It is natural, innate. You are already looking. Only question – at what?

And to look is to believe. What you behold with preoccupation is what you worship. You will always fixate upon your hope. “Looking away unto Jesus” is this: Quiet watch and open conversation in constant flow. Blatant need addressed to Him, excluding all else and all others, utterly private.

Faith IS rest upon an Able Sustainer who is God Omnipotent, but also Personal Love…  Who by amazing deference, seeks of us just such relationship as is our secret dream!

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