4: Tree of Delusion

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Towering Canopies of Life and Death Series

Join Martha as she takes an uncompromising look at the ONLY two sources operating in this world, from Eden through today - and the inescapable choice ever before us.


The Tree of knowledge is the Tree of presumption, a realm of delusion masquerading as wisdom.  A system of knowing without the humble sweat of hearing.  Human ideas that stand on proud logic, strutting as divine, but unlived, unpracticed.  And… untrue.

Delusion is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.
And knowledge is true ignorance.

Knowledge is an illusion of truth, a deception of the impractical that flatters blindness with the bloat of arrogance.  Knowledge puffeth up (I Cor. 8:1 KJV).

The Tree of death is saving, sparing, serving… Self.  And unreality is a desirable foil to trick yourself into believing that your evil is not just right but noble.  The tree of Death is a dark place to hide your motive – from you.  Under the ready shade of the Liar, delusion is the fruit that fools only you.

Straining at Gnats of the Inconsequential

The Tree of Death is the False Law of making-up-your-own-law: Satan, out to usurp God’s holy criterion, building his own religion.  A formula of the mind and not of the heart.  Religion is rigid idealism, ever holding to the fantasy of “what should be,” while rejecting “what is.”

The Pharisees objected to the failure to wash hands, to Jesus healing on the Sabbath.  Picking at and daring to judge the works of God!  Unimportant things, proven so by Jesus’ cavalier indifference.  Their independent judging and picking struck them blind to the presence of the God in whose very name they judged; believing as they did, that God agreed with them!

Phil. 3:2 NASB
Beware of the dogs,
beware of the evil workers,
beware of the false circumcision.

The Real Fruit is Real Death

Reality or unreality. Life and death.  These are the result of desire, not the mistake of ignorance.  There is no stumbling into your Tree.  Not the oops of a “didn’t mean to.”  It is a choice.

The end result is spiritual death that issues in literal death.  But tragically, the eater of that Tree inflicts death on others, infects the world with death and is the very agent of Death, God’s enemy.

The Fruit of an Unsweet Sleep

We know, we always know, the heart’s real motive.  In the beginning, we know but if we want to forget, there is a narcotic fruit that puts the memory of what we are into the sleep of a fool.  Sweet blindness and ignorant rest with no need for heart examination.  To seek knowledge is to “know” all yet lose sight of your own self.

The fruit of Knowledge is not illumination; it is forgetfulness. Forgetting the right things and remembering what never was.  The tree of Life is a glare of reality, God giving the true state of things by their naked names.  He is a Light that finds and sears. Kills and purifies.  O wonderful Light, agent of freedom!

Taking God’s Place

“They will be as gods” is the satanic delusion of knowledge.  The Tree of Death does not cause us to become gods but deceives us into the insanity of thinking we are.  The human propensity is absurd lust for intellectual dominance over God to prove His irrelevance… and His inferiority.  “I will set myself above the Most High God.”   And life is the unending shock of pink slips that say: “You are fired as God. You failed at being Him and at conquering Him.”

The problem is, we forget the message of the pink slip and ever go back to “know” what the Real God never said.  And to spout it as His didactic word!

1 Cor. 4:20 NIV
For the kingdom of God is not
a matter of talk but of power.

“When there is moral wrong in a man who is susceptibly religious, he will get more and more religious. The more moral rottenness, the more exciting is the appeal” (to be religious).
Oswald Chambers

Copyright © 2003 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, Towering Canopies of Life and Death

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