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5: Life-giving Fruit

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Towering Canopies of Life and Death Series

Join Martha as she takes an uncompromising look at the ONLY two sources operating in this world, from Eden through today - and the inescapable choice ever before us.


The Trees in the Garden are speaking trees, sources of thought molded into words, and… words are actual food for the human soul.  Words are literal fruit!  Ideas spawn your emotions; words direct your actions.  And the ideas you hear become the quality of your being.

God’s voice carries God’s life. To live – truly exist by God – is to hear that which is outside of dull opinion, that which is above inbred supposing.  So the Tree of Life – of His Life – is the feast of His voice.

From His Mouth

The secret of Jesus’ life was given in the midst of temptation: Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from His mouth (Matthew 4:4).  Jesus declared the source of His wisdom, power and very existence.  His source was the flow of God’s voice pouring into Him.  And to that Voice, Jesus confined Himself, limited Himself and would not venture outside God’s Voice to ingest any other ideas.

A Seed Contains Reproductive Life

Jesus revealed in the parable of the sower that God’s word is a seed.  His Voice, being a living seed, when received and planted, grows into the likeness of itself.  Seed: miraculous container of explosive life, carrying within it the power of reproduction, even endless multiplication.  God’s words speak from His perfect character and encase the living dynamic of His essence.

The voice of God transforms.  His voice enervates, resurrects.  God’s voice imparts Himself, His very life.  To hear is to be permeated with God.  To hear His voice is to become His vessel, to contain His nature and bear His presence.  God is with you when you will hear.

With His voice of direction comes the power to go.  By His voice of correction, is imparted the transformation He requires.  His speaking confronts the hearer, and carries within His Words the power to change what He corrects, to perform what He demands.

The Tree of Life is the place of God’s voice.  And in His voice dwells His creativity.  As I hear Him and live by hearing Him, He permeates me and manifests through me.

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