6: Faith is Past

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Faith Is Series

We must understand the power of faith, because what we believe is what blooms in our lives. This 12-part series lays bare the operational law of faith and how it affects us every day.


Faith is only past. Faith is never future. All was completed in that glorious proclamation, the last breath of His torture, the final word of His ended life: “It is finished.” And immediately He died…

His work of saving us from hell, His labor of getting us to heaven, set in a final culmination that can never be diminished nor increased, fixed in eternity and reachable today in the practical for the solution of all my crises to the very last attainment of my destiny. The carpenter has finished carving the wood of His own humanity into the framework of His Father’s will. A new humanity…obedient, holy.

His finished work is my finished work. His tortured obedience is mine—without the torture. His victory over pitiful humanity is mine to enjoy and live out. As He was finished, I too am “finished,” and all I experience of His power is simply that which already was and was waiting for my eyes to open by the incentive of my heart’s need. Willing sight through desperation. My blindness to His finished work is the obstacle to its enjoyment.

My only lack is this: to see.

Not to “get,” not to wrench from His stingy hand something yet to be accomplished! He has no more to give, no more to do. He rests by the satisfaction of the Father’s Holy Laws. He rests from His work and I…I rest in that vicarious work from my own tedious striving to be. To do.

It is done. Do you see? What is done? My destiny. Your destiny. Our eternal being. We are complete in Him. Now, this very second. Not progression into it by worth. Not attainment by effort. Only by realization…  He is my identity. He is my purity. He is my…you-name-it.

Strive to be holy? Too late, you already are made so. Trying to get what you already have. A rich man, in possession of every wealth, running and panting for the treasure that rests clinging to his hand. Foolish effort, gaining nothing. Losing the very wealth he seeks by unseeing ignorance.

Anything I need is already there. All the demands of my poverty are His Waiting Gift. Because it’s past and done, I merely receive. Nothing is wanting, nothing forgotten. “My shepherd is the Lord, I have everything I need.” And when I live in that brash certainty, I possess instead of lack, I sail and need not crawl.

You’ll never have it by wanting it. You’ll never see it by waiting for it. You’ll only possess it when it’s yours, when “it’s finished” and you merely wait for its sure appearance. Faith is not that He will “do” in some future reward, not what I have earned by points of goodness. Faith is not that “He could” but simply won’t right now. Faith is this: He has. It is. He rests because He has.

And I may rest now this day, every day, because He has finished even this day. Jesus has won over humanity, over Satan. It is over. Eternity is finished. History is complete. To the last detail, to the final appearance. It is ALL finished!

What is His work now? Only the Prayer, the unending intercession that we, His groping sheep will simply…believe those sparse words, “IT IS FINISHED!” And then see that  Glorious Completion in a personal…living experience.

Copyright © 1999 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, Faith Is

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