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7: The King

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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Who is the King of kings? Join Martha as she discovers in the scriptures Jesus as John met Him on Patmos: King!


Isaiah cried, “My eyes have seen the King” (Is. 5:1). His vision was of God on the throne but he comprehended Him as…KING.

Unless your eyes “see” the king, the kingdom is not real. When you behold your Savior as truly King, you have no choice – and no heart – but to fall at His feet and say, “Here am I. Send me.”

A kingdom is about its king. A democracy is about the people, governed by the people, with rulers who are chosen by the people and subject to the people. Not so a kingdom. The people of a kingdom are governed by the king, with no “say” in the choices.

We Believers living in a democracy, carry that democratic mentality of the “right to vote” into Christianity and consider that we are to “run” God! Or at least to have a vote of influence. There is only one vote in the Kingdom and it isn’t mine! We have the right of request and the privilege of constant audience with the King…but the King reigns! Absolutely.

A kingdom is a kingdom because of the existence and reign of a king. There is no kingdom if there be no king. A kingdom revolves around a king. It is the king that makes for “kingdom.” The kingdom itself is not so much the issue as is the KING for whom the kingdom exists. You cannot teach Kingdom theology as such unless the focus is the King Himself. Christ is the centrality, not the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom is merely that which is gathered to, summed up in, and serves HIM. When you SEE Jesus as King, actual King and not a theoretical figure, then you are ripe to comprehend the kingdom…for the kingdom IS the King. The Kingdom is merely the evidence that there is a KING in ruling residence.

Your life is the precise boundary of your vision of who God is. Your vision of Him is the quality of your life, the depth of your hope, the stability of your faith. And…the riches of your supply.

Most believers have no enjoyment of the kingdom as they have no sure concept of Christ as King. A Future king, yes. Someday, of course. Future crown for a distant time. Then we shall see Christ conquer, but not now. We must wait. The kingdom is lost to the blind who believe for the ‘future’ but not the ‘now’ and therefore…do not see. The Bible proclaims that Jesus has been King, is now reigning and will yet be crowned. A puzzle, but not a contradiction.

We sing it, would that we knew it: Jesus is…the King of Kings!

King of all kingdoms. King over all kings…of this world, of your world. King of every situation and! every person, from the blind to the unwilling…

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