Four Faces of Jesus

8: Above All

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Four Faces of Jesus Series

Join Martha as she delves deeper into the four symbols of Christ's being, given to us that we may better glimpse the fascinating mystery that is Jesus.


The eagle flies above.

Above His followers and… His enemies!  Untouched and untainted, Jesus ever moved in heaven’s divine winds and not earth’s common low roads.

Indwelt by His Father, Jesus rose above all the madness of the earth: the mania of human ambition and the insanity of man’s hatred.  John reveals incidents of Jesus’ illusive power, His immunity as One who could not be cornered, coerced or killed!  Nor would He be exalted and enthroned.  Humanity could not capture Him for any agenda.  The ambitions of the excited presumed to name His position, crown Him king on earth, and accomplish this by audacious force!  Against His will!  (John 6:15)

From the fantasy of the people’s desire for an earthly king to serve them… He simply left.  He calmly “withdrew” not in fight or explanation, but by His God: transcendent, untouchable, unchainable.  And… utterly without ambition.  He soared… and that, above even his own humanity.

He who lived in heavenly places above every plot of man, mounted in supremacy above all dominions and could not be tempted with human flattery for erecting meaningless thrones on specks of dirt.  Humanity does not make Jesus king, who was born God eons before ever He was born an earthman.  The simple common people crown Him king for their selfish supply.  The pompous religious kill Him as the imposter-king.  Crown Him or kill Him!  Never will we let Him just be… God.

So they took up stones to throw at Him, but Jesus, 
by mixing with the crowd, concealed Himself 
and went out of the temple (enclosure).
John 8:59

From schemes of the murderers, Jesus never saved His life.  He rested in the Father’s will and simply went His tranquil way (John 7:1, 30; 8:20).

The eagle soars above his own enemies.

He is without predator in the skies of his familiar dominion.  Above the highest points of earth, unattached to, unencumbered by… earth, the eagle lands where he wishes and leaves with soaring ease.  Jesus, though hounded by Satan, was never, ever subject to him.

Always He bested those sent by His enemy, confounded them and escaped them.  Even His crucifixion occurred solely by His consent and was no successful trick of the Evil One.  “You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given you from above” (John 19:11 NASB).

Before His accusers, His silence was regal.  His murderers could provoke no fight.  His calmness reigned through beatings, scorn and shamings… except for that one terrible moment of His Father’s withdrawal.

The Eagle life of divine empowering had left Him…

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