8: David’s Crown

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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Martha's thorough and definitive series on one of the most pivotal spiritual issues, and one of the most misunderstood: Authority.


True authority is given by Divine Choice.  David, least in the clan, was chosen by God over all his brothers.  Chosen also to rule his brothers, and of course, (it’s part of the package) disdained by them.

But many lean and terrible years lay between his anointing and his crowning.  When God sovereignly chooses to bestow His authority, He arranges along with the crown, a treacherous valley through which to reach its wearing.  Many are destined for authority who never wear the crown of it.  Many who are destined for it, seize power before they are ready and rule against God while using His name.

David waited for his throne, patiently and long, until the Lord crowned him by the pleasure of the people.  He was fit to handle power by the humiliation of his own king’s rejection.  Saul, beloved monarch he merely wished to serve, loathed David for the very anointing that rested on him.

So David learned in bitter exile, what it was to live under despotism by unearned malice, and to submit there . . . unto God.

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