8: Zion, Throne of God

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About The Hour of Our Destiny Series

September 11 plunged our nation into crisis. This series documents the move of God, the role of intercessory prayer, and the Spirit's wisdom, provision and protection in times of turmoil.


Zion is the favorite place of God, the fountain of His healing, help, support, and blessing (Ps. 9:1, 87:2; Ps. 20:2, 128:5).

Zion is the dwelling and resting place of God.  He has chosen Zion, He has desired it for His dwelling.  And in Zion is His “blessing forever” (Ps. 9:11; 132:8, 13; 128:5, 133:3).

Zion is the location of His roaring Voice (Amos 1:2).

Zion is the place of cleansing, beauty and holiness where God’s smoke and fire are His protection in darkness and His glory a canopy.  The place of safety – a “refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain” (Isa. 4:2-6).

Zion is where God exalts His Son-King in a permanent place of reign . . . forever! (Ps. 2:6; Ps. 146:10; Isa. 24:23)

Zion is the place from which His dominion goes forth into the world for victory against His enemies.  The Lord is great in Zion, and He is exalted above all the peoples (Ps. 110:2; Ps. 99:2).

Zion is where God appears in His glory (Ps. 102:16).

Zion is the place where God hears our cry and answers our prayers (Isa. 30:16).

Salvation is found pouring from Zion . . .  Deliverance, forgiveness flow from the throne that stands – even now – on Zion (Joel 2:32, 3:21).

Zion is the future throne of the Lamb and with Him there on Zion, singing a secret song, will be those who followed Him through any dying pathway (Rev. 14:1).

Zion is Tomorrow and it is Today.  David conquered Zion by war.  He fought for, saw, knew and lived in Zion.  Yesterday (2 Sam. 5:7).

Zion is the present dwelling place for those who have no opposition to God, who surrender in utter abandon.

Zion is where God rules and whenever one will let Him rule as King, that one is in Zion . . . in God’s presence, protection and glory!  And that one who lives in Zion’s splendor is the instrument of His dominion in the very earth, and the vessel of His authority.  The voice of His Voice.  The scepter of His Scepter.  The ambassador in earth of His Throne in heaven.

Only Zion. Only Zion.  Only out of Zion does God’s clear reign go forth, and His power become manifest.  Only in Zion are His secrets known (Isa. 24:23).

Joseph bowed to God’s choices and reigned (in Zion position) over all his enemies.

Daniel’s amazing surrender took him into the transcendent place of Zion and lions were conquered in Daniel’s trusting presence by angels sent from Zion.

Being ruled-over takes you into the covering of God’s Absolute rule and His vivid presence where all His power and vision envelopes you.  The place of protection.  The home of Rest (Ps. 102:16).

This is Zion!  It is a spiritual realm, for now, not a spot on earth.  Zion. Available today in millennium glory.

And! There is a Zion yet to come, a new Jerusalem, a future dominion of the Savior that will once again exist on earth.  A throne of His visible rule will descend on the earthly Zion of Israel and He will take up residence there.

Zion is His heavenly throne.

Zion is His future throne on earth.

Zion is the fountain of Divine power and the only place of safety.  Zion rests ABOVE.  Over all confusions and attacks.

Zion is where God pronounces and imparts.  In Zion God roars and whispers, and those who live unhinged before Him hear and receive (Ps. 84:7; Is. 2:3).

The gate to Zion is narrow. Low and stringent.  Only your New Person can pass through.  Leave and drop agendas, ambitions, rights.  Abandon honor among men and favorite loves.

The door UP to Zion is DOWN through the grave of human independence and soulish strength.

Zion is the pinnacle of human possibility and the only REAL earthly experience of heaven.

All Zion treasure is open to those who war their way to its heights as David, and rest under God’s absolute reign by personal abandon (Joel 3:17).

Let Him be King OF you and He will be King THROUGH you as the ambassador of His will, bringing forth the Kingdom of God in earth, dismissing little lawless chiefs who pose on their cardboard thrones (Micah 4:13; Isa. 1:27).

Zion is Tomorrow . . . and Zion is Now.

Zion is simply this: Jesus Christ in His unsearchable riches, where He is allowed to express His Wondrous Being through our earthen vessels with no rivalry to His place and no resistance to His will.

That is Zion – all the manifest glory of the Son, Beloved of God and crowned as King.

When all else has fallen, Zion will stand.  And those who choose to live there “dwell in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91).

Copyright © 2001 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, The Hour of Our Destiny

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