9: Honor the King

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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Martha's thorough and definitive series on one of the most pivotal spiritual issues, and one of the most misunderstood: Authority.


Therefore submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to governors . . . 
I Peter 2:13 NKJV

David’s king used him, tricked him, tried to get him killed in battle and when that didn’t succeed, hurled a spear himself to pin David to a wall.  David’s king provoked him into battle to gain the hand of a daughter Saul knew would be a treacherous wife.

David’s king drove him from his friends, his family, his home and his position in the kingdom.  David’s king destroyed his reputation, created enemies by lies, hounded him into hiding in a cave.

Yet David’s reverence for Saul is a wonder.  How could he cherish one so wicked?

David was smitten with guilt to cut off one small corner of the king’s garment.  He refused the prodding of his men to kill this evil enemy, protesting, “He is the Lord’s anointed.”

The secret of his reverence lay in this:
David understood authority.

He learned and he wrote, that God sets up one and takes down another, that all rulers, no matter how puzzling, are arranged by God.  When you understand authority comes from God alone, then in fear of GOD, you will reverence your “king.”

It wasn’t the king David honored, but the God who put him on the throne and left him there – to tyrannize.

Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man,
for the Lord’s sake . . .

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