2: Father, Teach Me

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Worship Forever Series

Follow Martha through the scriptures as she looks at what worship pleased God, and what worship He rejected. Find out what this means for your life today!


The Bible is multifaceted. Treasures are hidden in every sentence. Every story, every verse is a mountain of brilliance with many vistas and hidden underground tunnels. Collections of Truth so infinite that they go on…and on, forever.

For all eternity we will never plumb its depths. All of us together searching and sharing secrets will see just enough to live by…

God Himself must explain His writing. The Bible cannot be conquered by study—only by relationship with the Author, by His personal unfolding. God must read His words to you, as though to a child.

Lord, have mercy and tell us the meaning of “altars.”

Copyright © 2001 Martha Kilpatrick, Worship Forever

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