Troop of Soldiers

Part 1: Introduction

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Military Might Series

An anointed and loving word for men and women in the military and all other roles that defend and protect the US, Martha expresses the Father's heart for those who serve, and His desire to be known personally by each one.



I have been waiting and praying for months to have an anointing, a direction, about this present war.  (See prayer for Desert Storm, Praying in Time of War.  Since 9/11, this has been one of the most requested articles on our website.)

Recently the zeal of the Lord came powerfully upon me with a clear burden and a loving word: not for the nation. Not especially for the war as such.

The Lord has given me a passion from His heart for the men and women who serve in military positions: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, NASA, and also CIA, FBI, CDC, Police and Firefighters, Coast Guard, Special Forces . . . and secret agents. Everyone who serves this nation to protect and defend and who are willing to die doing so.


You are only individuals but your lone life has a significant effect among your comrades and in this war. Your individuality is crucial to the entire effort, and could be as pivotal as Joseph, Deborah, Gideon and others. On their personal spirituality rested the turn of events and in their sole hands lay the power of victory. God burns in my heart that you are individuals, intimately known and lovingly watched. You have a role to play beyond your military abilities, a role of character and influence. Perhaps even of the ultimate outcome.

Teams are best which are made up of intact individuals, strong in their selfhood and clear in their identity. Persons who can think, who are responsible for their own fitness, working out in private their own values and direction. To these I send the Father’s zeal and calling.


His intense passion is to be known by each of you, protected and directed by miraculous means as you meet the conditions of receiving His presence.He waits. He broods. He longs to enter the personal fights of your heart, and then to be intimately with you in crisis.

I ask you as readers to forward this to members of the armed forces, military and civilian soldiers. I am bold to believe this has been a word from God’s heart, from His love and desire to be personally known by those at war, on every level.

Really, all of us are involved in this war. All of us have a part. A young Air Force pilot’s wife read these writings and said, “This is really for all of us.”

Copyright © 2003 Martha Kilpatrick, Military Might

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