Hand Written Letter

Part 1: The Best

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Letters Never Sent Series

A collection of never-sent, personal responses to real people in Martha's life, profound events and little encounters alike.


God has handed you a raw deal. I don’t like it! It’s not fair.

You, the best, the finest.  Oh, your suffering!  On every hand that suffering claws at you and has incessantly for years.  You bear too many and each of them such a heavy weight.  I know no such measure of responsibility, no like burden.

I want you rich – and you are poor.
I want you rested – and you are worked.
I want your health – and you hurt.
I want you loved – and you are hated.
I want you recognized – and you’re unknown.
I want you exalted – and you are lied about.

“God, don’t you know how pure she is? How little she is? I deserve her suffering and she deserves my ease.”

I wrote to you one day, “You perceive of integrity like no one else.”

I gave a party for a visitor. Said the visitor: “All your friends are lovely. But she’s the one I’d most like to know. She knows God.”

Had I had my way, 
I would have ruined you.

Copyright © 1980 Martha Kilpatrick, Letters Never Sent

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