Part 10: The Prince

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Letters Never Sent Series

A collection of never-sent, personal responses to real people in Martha's life, profound events and little encounters alike.


You are a prince. Do not walk as common men.  The world is yours as much as you are wholly His.  A prince of height and looks. Lofty, dark and handsome. But externals alone to not a prince make.

It is your soul. A poet’s soaring soul, a hunter’s earthy passion. Noble, large in wise sight, rightly viewing all little men beneath you, who see only narrow alleys.

But bowing low to nurse the humbled sick. Caring as well as caring for. Reaching for the darkest, worst, shirking no ghastly visage.  And breaking over it.

Only true nobility weeps yet walks to laughing music.

Too, it is your spirit. Wide and free to love, to feel, to swirl, to ache. Touchable under His touch . . . the prince can be moved.

Dream, young prince. The world is yours as much as you are wholly His.  But do not walk like common men.

Copyright © 1986 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick, Letters Never Sent

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