Part 2: The Face of Love

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About The Two Faces Series

There are only two faces in the universe: love and hate. Whose face do you wear?


You stay. Through the wranglings of this world, you wring out your own holiness. The weakness of my foolish humanity, you endure without labels and mockings.  You run toward and even dance with the discipline of the Lord’s whip. You never, never turn your back on Him . . . or me. The smiters smite you and you turn the blows into your soul’s gold.

Diminished to His empty cave, you call it “best.” Content with only your Beloved. Nothing owned. Nothing promised. Nothing regretted.  Waiting, endless waiting for the flicker of His Beaming.  You splay the chambers of your old heartsores and let them be lit for the Surgeon’s probe of healing.

It’s not that you love me, though you do – in ever flowing grace, with forgiveness that forgets it forgave.  It’s God you love.  It’s God you pant for . . .  Any dark path that leads you to Him, you will trod. Any price of His anointed presence you will pay.

You love me. You love mine. You love us all, and fight us for our highest self. You love because you love your priceless Pearl, the One you found by digging for Gold under the pressing mountain of His will.  You stay.  For your King.  One! Just one, in love with God!

And I see His face… in yours.

Copyright © 2001 Martha Kilpatrick, The Two Faces

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