Hand Written Letter

Part 2: The Liberal

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Letters Never Sent Series

A collection of never-sent, personal responses to real people in Martha's life, profound events and little encounters alike.


Dear Pastor,

You, so current and liberal. “The Bible mostly myth.” I could not bear your leading astray those tottering and gullible lambs. That Book most dear to me, most proven true, I protested for . . . designated your error.

We had a relationship of sorts. Each thought by patience he could win the other over. Polite condemnation boxed fake kindness. Pretending to love, encourage, we tried to do it right, to endure each other. But it was superficial. We were two thorns, the closer we got the more we bled. We had to work together in God’s house. But in most civilized manner, we threw rocks.

I thought my rocks justified. Weren’t they in defense of His Precious-Word?
Yet something was wrong. Why did I feel brittle? Why was my conscience stormy?

Very simple, dear.  Love is higher than truth.

Now you’re gone, very far away, life splintered. Your secret path more tortured then we knew. You still less believe my Precious-Book. Even so, when you wander across my mind, I love. And wish I hadn’t battled.

Just shown you Him . . . about whom the Book is written. The Living Word, who simply loved me all the time when long ago I thought “the Bible mostly myth” . . .

(This secret letter was written some 20 years ago. The man to whom it was addressed died eventually of AIDS. My heart will ever be broken over him.)

Copyright © 1980 Martha Kilpatrick, Letters Never Sent

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