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1: Why?

Posted: Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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About Worship Forever Series

Follow Martha through the scriptures as she looks at what worship pleased God, and what worship He rejected. Find out what this means for your life today!


Those of us alive enough to question and healthy enough to imagine, now and then ask, “Why are we here?”

To work? To serve? To preach? To love, to bear, to go? Some, weary of the mystery, make up the answer. To laugh. To play. To strive. To lie. To wait for death…

Among the throng of seeking, dying humanity, a lowly few ask a Waiting God, and hear the unimagined answer to the question: “Why we are here?”

In the end, the entire intricate history of man will fall away as a mere second of unimportance when we see at last—in all His majesty—the One who is Eternal, Jesus Christ, for whom all humanity was created and whose sole purpose is to adore Him.

Of the vast millions who carve their personal history on the lasting monument of their choices, there will rise a few, the precious hidden few, who learned what it was all about…the worship of God.

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