Booklet Series : Knowing God

The Great Lie: Knowing God Series

The Great Lie

A Great Lie is at work in our hearts… In the Garden of Eden, Eve’s exchange with the Serpent revealed Satan’s great lie about God, a lie woven into the very essence of our unredeemed human nature. This lie is so … Continue reading

Eternal Power: Knowing God Series

Eternal Power

What happens when we refute God’s eternal power? We’re born thinking we’re supposed to have the power to do God’s will, that we have the power to be good and to please Him. But when humanity decided to be like … Continue reading

Foundation of Repentance: Knowing God Series

Foundation of Repentance

A foundation of repentance is essential! “If you don’t assume responsibility for your sin, you will wonder why things in your life don’t change and why there is no joy.” The very foundation on which we grow is repentance. You … Continue reading

Powers of the Universe: Knowing God Series

Powers of the Universe

What are the powers of the universe? We each have an internal view of the powers at work around us, and we respond to people and situations based on these beliefs. In other words, in a given situation, we believe … Continue reading

The Separator: Knowing God Series

The Separator

Who is the Separator? We have gone too far in presenting God as a sweet Santa Claus. We must learn who He is as He is, and not who we want Him to be. We only know Jesus as the … Continue reading

Loved of God: Knowing God Series

Loved of God

To live as one loved of God… Your life will be measured not in terms of how much you did, but by the depth and quality of your love—that is, by how much you received of God’s love. Every test … Continue reading

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