Marys Who Loved Him: Loving God Series

Marys Who Loved Him

Booklet 3 of 6 in the Loving God series. In this booklet, Martha looks intimately into the lives of three Marys who understood that faith involved loving a Person, not a doctrine, and not a ministry to man.
Why Am I: Loving God Series

Why Am I?

Booklet 4 of 6 in the Loving God series. In this teaching, Martha reveals the secret of our existence in God’s love, and within that, meaning of it all.
Who Do You Love?: Loving God Series

Who Do You Love?

Booklet 5 of 6 in the Loving God series. Here Martha surveys the vast history of man's slavery, all resulting from our desperate need of love, and shines new light on the extraordinary Love who speaks tenderly to us—the faithless Gomers.
God's Sovereignty: Loving God Series

God’s Sovereignty

Booklet 6 of 6 in the Loving God series. Martha illustrates the soul sickness that results when we reject God in the circumstances of our suffering. She also gives the keys to complete and radical healing for our broken souls.