man runs on beach with arms raised in victory

Altogether Forgiven

Forgiveness is more than a work to do… It is the power to change the world! Altogether Forgiven takes us into a world that too few believers ever discover.
The Mystery of Discipleship Martha Kilpatrick

The Mystery of Discipleship

The Mystery of Discipleship is a 91-day devotional that brings fresh revelation of the Spirit each time you read it, whether you’ve walked with the Lord for 30 years or three.
Adoration: Mary of Bethany the Untold Story


Adoration is an unforgettable summons to individual worship through the contrasted stories of Mary and Martha.
All and Only: The First Word and the Last

All and Only

A book for those meeting God for the first time or needing Him desperately in a time of difficulty or suffering.
Chariot of Fire: Elijah of the Last Days

Chariot of Fire

Chariot of Fire offers keen discernment and diagnosis of the Jezebel Spirit, but more than that, it delves into the personal relationship between Elijah and God that is crucial to overcoming.
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